Is Etherparty a scam

We’ve received a lot of media coverage during our pre-sale and now in full swing of our public ICO, we decided to compile a list of our favorite links.

Major Online Media Coverage

StockGuru: Etherparty Opens Beta to 500+ Blockchain Users

After launching over 100 Smart Contracts during testing phase, easy-to-use smart contracts creation platform Etherparty has announced that they will officially launch their Beta on Friday, Oct. 6.

Inc. : “What Are Smart Contracts? They Could Help Optimize Your Business Processes”

Etherparty was recently featured in Inc. Magazine in their article, “What Are Smart Contracts? They Could Help Optimize Your Business Processes”.

The Next Web: “How Blockchain Is Changing the Way We Do Business”

“Etherparty, touted as an easy-to-use smart contract creator, is striving to remove the high barriers of entry into the world of blockchain technology and its most powerful application to date, the smart contract.”

Cointelegraph: “Rootstock Etherparty Deal Will ‘Accelerate Bitcoin Smart Contract Adoption’ “

Rootstock enables smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain and Etherparty will be the premier tool for launching tokens and crowdsales using Rootstock. This will be huge!

Video Reviews

Crush Crypto: “ICO Review: Etherparty (FUEL) — User-Friendly Smart Contract Compiler”

Crush Crypto did a great review and analysis of the Etherparty product, team and even teased a demo of our beta.

Bitcoin for Beginners: “EtherParty ICO Review — Simple Smart Contracts! Starts 10/1!”

Kevin Ting from Bitcoin for Beginners did a breakdown of the Etherparty ICO and also teased a demo of how to create a token and crowdsale with the EP Platform!

Crypto Coins: “Etherparty (FUEL) ICO review — A Smart Contract Creator”

Crypto Coins created a nice presentation of the opportunity for investors contributing to the Etherparty ICO.

Podcasts and Interviews

TruthBlitz Media: “Interview w/ Kevin Hobbs of Etherparty — Smart Contracts Made Easy! ICO Starts 10/01/17”

TruthBlitz Media had a 1–1 interview with Vanbex CEO Kevin Hobbs on the Etherparty platform and ICO. They discuss the product, presale and sale info among other blockchain related topics.

The Blockchain Show: “Kevin Hobbs of Vanbex Group and Etherparty”

Kevin was also on the Blockchain Show, one of the premier blockchain and cryptocurrency discussion podcasts, talking blockchain and the Etherparty platform.

NewsBTC: “EtherParty Founder Lisa Cheng Interview with NewsBTC”

Lisa Cheng, the Founder of Vanbex and Etherparty was interviewed by NewsBTC about how blockchain will change business and the need for tools like Etherparty to simplify the onboarding process.

Bad Crypto Podcast: “Etherparty and I’ll Buy if I Want To”

Etherparty was recently mentioned on the Bad Crypto podcast, a favorite of ours for it’s great discussion of cryptocurrency trends and blockchain news.

Conferences and Explainer Videos

Coinscrum: “Coinscrum {social} ETHERPARTY (see presentation slides link below)”

Kevin and List presented Etherparty at Coinscrum in August, receiving an enthusiastic response.

NewsBTC: “Smart Contract Integration Made Simple by Etherparty”

NewsBTC was kind enough to publish our explainer video that details the need for platforms like Etherparty.

Etherparty — A day in the Life

A short demonstration of what a day in the life of being able to use Etherparty would look like. Seamlessly publish smart contracts from your mobile phone and engage in various business partnerships.

ICO Listings and Analysis

ICO Rating

ICO rating offers a clean and concise overview of the Etherparty ICO.

Smith & Crown

Smith and Crown did a featured piece on our platform.


A comparison of Etherparty’s and Blockcat’s platforms.


Token Market is a well known site and repository for ICO links.

Strategic Partnerships

The Merkle: “Etherparty and Rootstock Announce Multichain Smart Contract Solution”

Etherparty is thrilled to have a strategic partnership with Rootstock and working hard on delivering a visual smart contract publishing tool capable of launching the first Rootstock tokens and crowdsales!

Cryptovest: “Etherparty and Jaxx Partner in Deal to Bring Smart Contracts to the Masses”

Etherparty has announced a new partnership with Jaxx that will help bring smart contracts to the masses.

Econotimes: “ Blockchain solutions company DigitalX to invest $3M in Etherparty”

Etherparty, the easy-to-use smart contracts creation platform, has announced a key partnership with Australia-based DigitalX Ltd., a publicly listed blockchain technology and ICO advisory company.

Yahoo Finance: “Etherparty Signs Partnership, Secures Large-Scale Contribution from TaaS”

Easy-to-use smart contracts creator Etherparty has signed a strategic partnership with Token-as-a-Service, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets. “Etherparty Expands Globally with DCX Partnership”

Etherparty has announced it will be partnering with Singapore-based Global DCX, an innovative digital currency exchange that will be launching in October.