Is food mandatory

Food standards have been always the main concern of Indian government. To maintain all these standards for the security and safety of health of the public they have established the FSSAI registration for every type of food business operators in India. In this article, we will discuss all the important aspects of FSSAI license in India.

What is FSSAI registration?

FSSAI registration is a mandatory compliance that ensures the safety of food products supplied or manufactured by various establishments in India. It is basically a food safety certificate issued by the respective food authority of India. This governing body responsible for the food security is known as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that is regulated under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

Obtaining an FSSAI license is mandatory before starting any food business operation in India. All the traders, manufacturers, restaurants who are involved in food business must obtain a 14-digit license number which is printed on their food products.

For whom it is mandatory to obtain the FSSAI License IN India?

It is mandatory for the following individuals or entities to obtain FSSAI Registration or License as per the rules and regulation of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006:

  • All types of Food Manufacturer
  • Food Packaging unit
  • Food Storage unit
  • Wholesale food business operators
  • Food Traders 
  • Online Food Business Operator
  • Caters or Hotel
  • Raw food material suppliers
  • Exporter and Importer of food products
  • Food products Transporter and Distributors
  • Food Product retailers.

Types of FSSAI registration/license mandatory for different food operators in India

FSSAI registration is basically of 3 types based on criteria of food business turnover. Other than that license or registration can be obtained upon the basis of production capacity of the business unit irrespective of the business turnover. The Food Processing Units, Meat processing Units and Slaughtering Units are allotted their registration or license based upon the latter criteria.

Here are the 3 types of food registration categories along with their eligibility criteria:

1. Basic FSSAI Registration: Basic FSSAI Registration is mandatory for the petty food business operators. It is also recalled as the Basic FSSAI License. It is for the business whose turnover does not exceeds the limit of Rs. 12 lac per annum. People who come under this category are almost the petty retailer, itinerant vendors, hawker, or temporary stall holder.

2. State FSSAI License: FSSAI state license is mandatory for the food Business with annual turnover between Rs. 12 Lac - Rs. 20 Cr. additionally or annually. The turnover limit is same for an FSSAI State Manufacturing license or FSSAI State trading license.

3. Central FSSAI license: It is mandatory for the food business whose annual turnover is above Rs. 20 Cr in Case of trading or manufacturing or storage beyond certain limited as specified by the laws.


FSSAI registration is mandatory for all types of food business operators in India whether they are transporters, distributors, manufacturers or caterers, etc. there are basically 3 types of registration available depending upon the annual turnover and type of the establishments or business. You can get FSSAI registration under any of the three categories with the help of best FSSAI consultants- Enterslice. You just have to visit our website and fill up our form to get your registration done without putting any extra efforts.