Is Green Day better than The Clash

Green Day ARENT conisdered only by ignorant idiots who dont know the first thing about punk.

Green Day has a very unique sound and they have influenced a lot.

If these so called "punks" actually ever heard a song by Ramones they would know a lot of similarities can be found in Green Days music too.


Punk was a music genre that was started to destroy boredom. These were just kids who were playing music for few years and just wanted to make better music.

"Punk" is something undefinable. Punk could be anything. Punk was a fast rock n roll music that teenage kids could relate to..

Punk has changed a lot over the years. The Slits changed their style. So did Clash..

Joe Strummer before recording London Calling(after which clash would become one of the BIGGEST bands in the world)

"It gets boring after a while you know, touring the same clubs, seeing the same faces. We want to do something big, and different"

John Lydon

" I mean do something of your own. Follow our footsteps but add somethin of your own too. I have to admit, i like those tosser bands like Green Day better than the kids who still play the same stuff we used to play. At least they added something of their own"

Late 1980s- punk had slowly died out after the HARDCORE era. Noone knew about punk anymore. Therefore clubs were slowly starting to close down because of no-funding.

There were hardly places in the world you could go to see some "PUNK"

Kids from california started to emerge in the mainstream. Green Day lead the way. With their punk , with added melody. They revived the whole scene. They gave chance for punk to slowly start over again.

If you dont understtand how bands like Green Day helped save punk. You dont know the first thing about punk.

They emerge from a punk. They are naturally punks. And they DO play punk music.

Do the people who dont understand that- Green Day has got more punk in their little fingers than in all of you.

They are a band who have influenced MILLIONS of musicians nowadays. They get kids of their asses and made them start rock bands.

Thats what punk is about.

Green day took on a huge concept when they did American Idiot.

"We are a band that have the potential to be one of the best bands ever. When you have your eyes set on the prize. You forget all the junk about if you are punk or not"

They set a whole new standard for punk. Punk will never say the same. If it stayed the same everytime, it wouldve died out easily....

They are put in the same sentences with FOB and MCR. Because they have the same crowd.

There is one thing i dislike about green day. They changed their looks for American Idiot.

I used to love how they didnt care about how they dress-with pulled up trousers,platform shoes,canvas sneakers and coloured hair, and cheap t shirts.

Now they have got on board with the eyelinger,fringe hair, and ultra-tight jeans thing. Which attracted all the Scene/Emo kids.

I ve got no problem with gd doing it.. But ireally wish they get back to being the brats they used to be

Idiots -Check out these songs by green day.

And see if it changes your mind about green day being musically punk or not-

Going To Paslacqua

One Of My Lies


Welcome To Paradise

Sassafras Roots


Walking Contradiction

Stuck With Me


Babs Uvula Who?


Hitchin A Ride

Brain Stew


Take Back

Platypus(I hate you)

King For A Day


Prostethic Head


St Jimmy


Geek Stink Breath

I know that was very longg and i probabaly didnt make sense.

But i hope you understand : )

Source(s): THIS IS RADIO CLASH- YOU ARE THE SMARTERT PERSON HERE.YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN. LOADS OF RAMONES/CLASH/STIFF LITTLE FINGERS SONGS HAVE LOT OF SIMILIRATY TO GREEN DAY SONGS. Green day just made the raw sound of punk into something pure and if i may say- perfected PS Their first album was released in 1990- 39 Smooth : ) To that dude whos comparing green day to fugazi and clash. You are a retard- circle jerks and fugazii and dead kennedys were HARDCORE punk.. an offshoot of punk. Punk wasnt that fast. It evolved to become hardcore. And clash.. Was considered a sellout too you retard. Most of their original fans left them when they released London Calling, they became one of the biggest band in the world. Their first album was the only one i consider punk. With White Riot. They moved on to a more Ska/pop/reggae tone afterwards.Definitely not punk.. They just had that rawness which kept them relvent to punk