Is it beneficial to legalize marijuana

The Positive Impact of Marijuana

One of the most complex topics of discussion in legal circles has centered on the discussion over the use of marijuana. But now with the push to legalize the drug across the country, it’s important to learn more about the impact marijuana can have on society.


Provides an Alternative to Opioids

Millions of people across North America are now addicted to opioids. Whether they are taking the drug as a result of a workplace accident or a long-standing medical issue, patients are finding it difficult to get away from using opioid products in their day-to-day life. Medical marijuana represents a great alternative. Studies show that the states with legalized marijuana have fewer opioid-related deaths.


Cuts Off Supplies to Drug Dealers

Criminal enterprises often produce and distribute marijuana for revenue. Legalization allows regulation of the supply chain. Marijuana legalization cuts off supplies to drug dealers and protects consumers.

Economic Influx & Tax Revenue

Legal marijuana benefits the economy bringing jobs, enterprise, and providing a rich source of tax revenue. Investopedia says, “In 2015, Colorado collected more than $135 million in taxes and fee on medical and recreational marijuana.”


Decreases Healthcare Costs

Research shows legal medical marijuana states see a significant reduction in Medicaid costs. The health benefits of marijuana are massive.

Police Departments can better utilize resources

Each year, police departments spend billions of dollars arresting people for marijuana. The NY Times says, “Arrests for possessing small amounts of marijuana exceeded those for all violent crimes last year.” Marijuana legalization benefits police departments by allowing them to focus resources on more dangerous issues.


Easier Access for Patients

Medical marijuana is saving lives and improving the quality of lives around the world. Even where legal, medical marijuana is still cost prohibitive and available only to some. Cannabis can help treat Alzheimers Disease, PTSD, chronic pain, inflammation, stress, cancer, and more.

Removes Restrictions on Hemp Production

Hemp is eco-friendly and sustainable. Hemp takes less water than cotton to produce the same amount of material. And hemp isn’t only for fabric and paper. Hemp-based plastics are impressive.



Millions are now experiencing the direct and indirect benefits of marijuana legalization. To learn more on the legalization process and its positive effects, take a look at our newest infographic.


In this latest infographic, our team at Toronto Defence Lawyers highlights the reasons for legalization.


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