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Mediocrity personified: Man United fans criticise Marcus Rashford

Manchester United fans have taken to Twitter in scathing fashion after the 1-1 draw with Huddersfield, a result which means that they can no longer qualify for the Champions League, and they have Marcus Rashford in their sights.

The United academy graduate doesn’t receive anywhere near the amount of criticism as some other players in the team, mainly due to the fact that he ‘gets the club’ and is one of United’s own, but his performances have been deserving of harsh words and fans are finally beginning to put sentiment aside.

The Flying Pig unleashes fury on De Gea, Young, Sanchez and Pogba in the funniest player ratings ever in the video below…

Rashford scored five goals in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first seven games, starring in a central role, but he hasn’t scored since the end of March and is frustrating fans with his lacklustre performances – he is also yet to sign a new contract after making some huge demands.

The red-tinted glasses are starting to slip off for the Red Devils supporters in regards to how they view Rashford, seen in their damning words about the England international on Twitter…