Is MSRUAS good or bad

It was a culinary event, the first of its kind organized and experienced, in the FHMCT Campus on the 1st April 2016. Chef Sridhar Krishnan, Chef Nagarekha, the HOD F&B (P), of FHMCT, with the able support of the Associate Dean Ms. Neena Joshi and the Dean Mr. Abby Mathew, had conceived this entire gastronomical event from scratch and the combined team had an array of lip smacking, tantalizing, dishes to be seen and savored in the college campus.

The duo, Chef Sridhar Krishnan and Chef Nagarekha, were greatly supported by an enthusiastic brigade of budding chefs from all levels, who lent their might to the event and made it a roaring success. Days of planning and organizing had culminated into a day of aromatic festivities accompanied by exotic dishes that pampered the palate beyond imagination.

French Baguettes and croissants, Italian breads, the Focaccia and Ciabatta, American Doughnuts, Belgian Waffles, German Black Forest cake were on display and sale. The hot, oven fresh products flew off the shelves as curious, impatient crowds from all faculties of MSRUAS waited, to lay their hands on the delicious treats and relish it to their heart’s content.The hot seller and the most tempting dish of the day was the Veg and Non Veg Pizza served at the live counters.

The vegetarian Italian pizzas with a large spread of colourful red and green peppers, topped with sliced onions, tomatoes with black olives and a very generous sprinkling of Mozzarella cheese was certainly the star attraction of the day. Orders were coming in fast and the young chefs were scrambling to meet the hot spicy demands.

The Bistro de FHMCT also witnessed a demonstration of baking skills that left the audience glued to the rare skills displayed. Aspiring patissiers, were in the limelight presenting the technique of layering a Black Forest cake and a pineapple gateau.The crackling, scrumptious oats cookies were in great demand as the health conscious consumers made a beeline to buy the tasty eggless oats cookies. The heart healthy, low fat, diet muffins and the all- bran, whole wheat bread were the first choice of weight watchers and they readily bought them in large numbers.

Those who did not really care about their waist lines, gorged on the peanut butter cookies which were an instant hit, and tucked into the triple chocolate mousse which was visually very appealing. The bottom layer of dark sponge cake, with layers of dark and white chocolate and a rich chocolate glaze, was a rage, amongst the youngsters. Mouthwatering, classic Italian desserts like the Tiramisu and the Mango Pannacotta, with the water melon mousse, on display, beckoned every casual visitor to indulge in the delicacies.

The very sight of the triple chocolate brownies, dark chocolate blended with white and milk choco chips forced the salivary glands to go on an overdrive and compelled every die hard dietician to throw rules to the winds and tuck into the luscious dark welcoming sweet, soft mass of the brownie. Not to be left behind, the fresh fruit tarts, the apple pies, Veg and non –veg quiches and calzones vied for attention from food lovers who desperately wanted something on their plates.

The wide range of assorted moulded chocolates which included hazel nut, caramel crunchies, praline filled chocolates and spicy, chilly laced chocolates bundled in colourful wraps grabbed everyone’s attention and were instant hits with the masses. The counters at FHMCT were making brisk business even as the ovens were pushed to their maximum efficiency and the aromatic, heady mix of aromas wafted through the campus, forcing everyone to rush and savor more.

This was one delectable treasure, foodies greatly sought,
To prove their mettle, young chefs fought,
Your attention, FHMCT, has now caught,
Be here, again, more culinary lessons will, soon, be taught.