Is Shah Rukh Khan an Illuminati

A middle-class boy during his struggling days once stood on the shores of Mumbai and said, "I'll rule this city" and in another decade he was the 'Badshaah' of Bollywood ruling the whole world. It is the success of Shah Rukh Khan with a blend of practical life lessons that made him the one who every dreamer will look up to, which he shared at different occasions be his Yale speech or recent address to the University of Edinburgh.

Shah Rukh Khan who always endorsed that 'there is no substitute to handwork' once told that his children say that the best quality about him is that he works hard. Speaking at Yale University he said, "I dance harder and cartwheel longer and pirouette on my rope - stretched, taut, beneath my feet (to get a dance sequence right)," telling the students that there is almost nothing that they cannot achieve with hard work.

Many young passionate people are ready to sacrifice everything to have a career of their choice, don't settle with jobs that don't satisfy them, but then, Shah Rukh Khan explained the situation beautifully, "Do not get relayed by people who tell you it's wonderful to be creative and poor and hungry! No! You've to survive... make money out of that uncreative work, cry in your bathroom but when you're in that position of your choice, make sure you don't cheat with those choices."

It was just another day when Shahrukh Khan while getting his haircut decided to have #AskSRK session on Twitter. Of thousands of tweets he received, one tweet made him give an answer to which every youngster who are at the verge of making career choices often having a rift with their parents would related to.

A fan asked him if she should follow her dreams or her father dreams and his response would make you go awe-struck.

"Sit with your dad and understand why he wants what he wants for you & explain your desires too. Dads understand!"

Shah Rukh Khan on several occasions said that he didn't understand what made him successful, but he certainly knew that one of the biggest reason was that he was scared of failures. "I don't want as much to succeed as much as I don't want to fail," he said.

And, then he added the ultimate matra to success, that is, how you deal with the failures saying, "Its not the absence of failure that makes you a success - it is your response to failure that actually helps to buffer the reverses that you experience."

Famous American television host Mike Rowe said, "Don't pursue your passion. chase opportunity," but Shah Rukh Khan puts it differently. His belief that there is no set formula for achieving success and the best way to act is to act and grow through it.

"I signed movies that were discarded by actors and the producers could not find anyone else to do them. Deewana was discarded by Armaan Kohli...Baazigar was rejected by Salman Khan and Darr was negated by Aamir Khan. I did them all for just making sure that I was working to avoid unemployment."

After all, there is no right way or wrong way to achieve success.

Finally, his most admirable and crude advice, "Don't become a philosopher before you become rich." Certainly, if Shah Rukh Khan were not a rich superstar, no one would have bothered to listen to him or get inspired by him.