Is wtf a swearword

I don't agree with "Shut up" being considered a swear word nowadays. Sometimes when someone is being especially rude or obnoxious, they DESERVE to be told to "Shut up." Children simply need to be taught the circumstances when it is appropriate to say such a phrase, because it IS extremely rude. For example, saying it to an adult is a big no-no.

When I was a child in elementary school, there was another child mercilessly bullying a special needs child. The teacher wasn't doing anything to help because the things being said would only upset the S.N child and she didn't realize bullying was going on. I got SO fed up that I stood up in the middle of Math class and screamed at him to "SHUT UP and leave S.N child alone!" The teacher was so surprised because i was such a quiet shy girl, that I didn't even get scolded. lol

Shut up, is extremely rude and should only be used to certain situations, but it is definitely not a swear word.