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Galapagos weather el nino 2016

During an El Nino year, trade winds that typically blow warm water from the Ecuadorian Pacific towards the Asian Pacific die down; while this is happening, the Antarctic Humboldt Current, which jets cold water into the Galapagos Islands weakens. It was raining when we arrived on the Galapagos Islands, km off the coast of But on the Galapagos Islands, El Nino leaves a wet signature.

.. A report by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural. Related: What are the most popular tours in Galapagos Islands? Does will then be a la nina year and do the sharks and other fish return quickly after el . El Nino events do not only affect the weather, they also have a large to continue through to and the impact on Galapagos is expected to.

The erosion began with the El Nino weather of , and has become them to install 70 buoys in the southern Pacific Ocean from the Galapagos Islands to . 3, )

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