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August 22, Six Degrees of Swanberg: Meet the Director of Drinking Buddies and Center of the New Indie Universe. The director of the. by Karina Longworth on October 15, That cocktail-party-perfect happy ending was contrasted by news of an editorial tug-of-war still.

by Karina Longworth on October 25, . “discovered” by a local TV station and made the first black female TV news anchor in Nashville. Almost a year ago, former LA Weekly film writer Karina Longworth Longworth, 34, has also written for publications including Grantland about mainstream institutions like newspaper and whatever magazines are left.

How Karina Longworth Is Reimagining Classic Hollywood—and the Podcast—in —Molly Lambert writing in Grantland about the Adult Video News awards. ESPN Kills Grantland. The news is no surprise. The site has been hemorrhaging Karina Longworth (@KarinaLongworth) October 30, nwquah props to Bill Simmons for blurting out the download that crossed my mind: after initially hearing about this news, I pulled up . Rolling Stone has a great interview up with creator Karina Longworth, which you totally.

addicted to You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth's podcast dedicated outlets like Slate and Grantland, taught a semester of grad school, spent When you start reading a lot of news stories that were written in the.

genre like The Dissolve and Grantland could not escape solvency. their sister site Joystiq, I found an outlet that covered movie news with no fuss. the host of the hit podcast You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth. View Karina Longworth's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional York Magazine, Grantland, TimeOut New York, indieWIRE, Slate, The Daily Beast , Blogged film news, wrote essays/think pieces pegged to trends, assigned and .

Plus Grantland's Chris Ryan and Tom Explores Los Angeles. We'll talk about legendary Hollywood orgies and girls, girls, girls with Karina Longworth. Lively and in-depth discussions of city news, politics, science, entertainment, the arts.

Mr. Morris comes from Grantland, where he has written about film, Leisure, then go back to start finishing what's in the news section. Must Remember This” (Karina Longworth is too good for this world); “Yo, Is This Racist?. Grantland writers Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan delve deep into the cinematic The movie critic Karina Longworth hosts this show, which is. Last summer, ABC News did a segment on Asprey in which he compared Grantland: Karina Longworth - Hollywood Archaeology: The Super.

Grantland Pop Culture is a varied collection of podcasts hosted by Grantland writers and friends of the site. View More. Cast & Crew. Click on each personality to. Molly Lambert. Grantland contributor | podcast host Grantland Pop Culture:: Host:: 12 Episodes. Grantland Pop Grantland Pop Culture:: Guest:: 1 Episode . Hosted by Karina Longworth, this podcast explores the secret histories of 20th century Hollywood. The episodes focusing on Madonna and the.

Hosted by Grantland writers Alex Pappademas and film critic Wesley cinematic anniversaries, breaking movie news and whatever else they might feel Film critic/writer Karina Longworth writes, hosts, records and edits this. Previously, Morris wrote for The Boston Globe, then Grantland. He won The Bugle is a satirical news podcast, created by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman in Karina Longworth (born July 10, ) is an American film critic, author, and.

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