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Map of iraq 2014

Iraq Maps on Other Web Sites: .. - Iraq Updates - Frequently Updated Maps (Institute for the Study of War) · - Iraq-ISIS Conflict in Maps (New York . Maps and graphics telling the story of the fight against so-called Islamic of Mosul, which fell to IS in when militants routed the Iraqi army. The conflict has roots in Iraq's complicated history, its religious and ethnic gone up since the fall of the Hussein regime; in February , million barrels.

PUBLISHED July 3, Sunni Arab militants from the al Qaeda splinter group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS (also known as the Islamic. Iraq Situation Report: March 22 - 28, Pressure Publications, ISW in the News, Media, Maps, Scholars Fallujah Control of Terrain Map: June 9, File:Iraqi Civil War map (–present).png After updating this map, please also update the date(s) at w:Module:Iraq Syria map date, used to denote the date . Map of Displacement.

Since January , Iraq's war against ISIS has displaced over a tenth of the country's population. One and a half million Iraqis have fled. Nov Damage density of Mosul, Ninawa Governorate, Iraq Iraq; Jan UNOSAT LIVE Map Complex Emergency Iraq; Jan Damage.

The Iraqi Civil War was a civil war in Iraq which began in January and ended in (For a map of the current military situation in Iraq, see here.). 8, The estimated number of foreign fighters who traveled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State and other extremist groups has. Iraqi forces supported by a US-led coalition have been fighting to take back Iraq's second city from Islamic State since 16 October 22 Jun | Mapping the changing flashpoints and Isis victories and defeats in Iraq as the jihadist offensive continues.

IRAQ. Qezel Owzan. Nahr al Khabur. AS SULAYMA! Little Zab. MĀNĪYAH Map No. Rev. 6 UNITED NATIONS. July Department of Field Support.

The Hashd: Redrawing the Military and Political Map of Iraq summer of , the highest Shi'i clerical authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. June 11, , PM View Iraqi and Syrian Towns and Cities seized by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham in a larger map.

But the. Professional map of ISIS, rebel, and Kurdish control in Iraq's civil war, updated to September Report includes timeline of changes to. Isis: 5 maps that show how fast the group has spread through Syria and Iraq In January , fighters from al-Qa'ida in Iraq, part of umbrella. Iraq: New IDPs Map by Province (as of 18 June ). 18 June | Publisher: UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) | Document type.

As fighting in parts of Iraq intensifies, a visual breakdown of the control of territory after years of war. As Iraqi forces advance on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, here's a look at how much territory the group is losing.

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