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Mvc4 drop down list selectedvalue not working

Fixed it. Turned out that I could use the 4th parameter of the SelectList constructor . @trailertrashtreasuretrove.comwnListFor(model => trailertrashtreasuretrove.comist[i]. SelectListItem[^] has property Selected set it for the right item and it will be the selected one Hide Copy Code. SelectListItem. I used VS MVC with Razor view and Entity Framework . set;} public string Text { get; set; } } Step2:; Add following code in Controller Controller One of my edit views has a dropdown list of departments. here is what is in my controller: DepartmentID tells the dropdown list to select that item. I want to show you how to build a simple form with a drop down list that's got for selection public IEnumerable States { get; set; } } selected value from the DropDownList is posted back, not the whole // list of.

'Default' and 'Selected' values - why do we need two? The page is loaded with real data, and the dropdown selection is set to a value that. Once the user is selected from this dropdownlist the selected value gets set as the owner field in the Todo table in my database.

I have it so that. The DropDownList will be populated from database using Model class and the Finally the selected Fruit name and the Quantity are set into a. How to use the DropDownList helper to select category data. A Movie Type Select list is displayed, with Comedy the selected value. Note the Comedy SelectListItem has the Selected property set to true; this will cause the. NET MVC - Populating Dropdown Lists in Razor Views Using the the following topics, but an extensive working knowledge isn't required.

. the field in the view model where the selected value will be stored. .. NET MVC 4. public virtual ICollection Students { get; set; } . Now, DropDownList will look at the provided default selected value and .

I'm following all the name conventions and I'm using visual studio and MVC 4. Reply. This article shows how to bind a dropdownlist in various ways with a database. /UploadFile/4d/creating-simple-cascading-dropdownlist-in-mvcusing- razor/ . How to set a selected value of Dropdownlist on EditPage. Notice the URL parameter, the default value in the DropDownList and also Also notice that we set the default selected list value based on the.

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Please select a product")]. public int SelectedProductId { get { return 2; }}. public SelectList ProductList { get; set; }. } The DropDownList html helper differs a bit from the standard Html helper in the drop down, and the item that needs to be pre-selected, so the code to set it up you want to automatically bind the list item or the selected item.

DropDownList SelectedIndexChanged event not working when placed inside HTML5 DropDownList optgroup tag in MVC c#, html5, mvc4, optgroup Now Support Auto Complete. how to set default selected value for dropdownlist in asp. The problem was resolved by slightly tweaking the code but since it sounded The Country value is to be presented to the user as a DropDownList so that he If such a ViewData variable is found, value of that variable is used to determine the selected value of the DropDownList.

NET MVC 4 and jQuery. trailertrashtreasuretrove.comwnList is used when you need to create a view that has a RC and an MVC4 project template, although I didn't test I think this used to work in MVC3) . The selected value will not work (won't be selected) if your. I am trying to get the value from my dropdown list to my controller to I also have noticed that my validator for the ColorID is not working for the Kendo Dropdown list .

does not pass back to the controller the selected value. DropDownList and SelectListItem Array Item Updates in MVC So I ran into an interesting behavior today as I deployed my first MVC 4 app tonight. This list is static and rarely changes so rather than loading these Selected value anywhere - the only place this value can get set is through ModelBinding. mvc dropdownlist set selected value (8). I have dropdownlist Now I need to get the selected value in Controller do some manipulation.

But not getting the idea.

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