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Syria website best list. Find information on Syria news, human rights organization , stories, policy, conflicts, revolution, struggles, sufferings,  Revolutionary Forces of - Live Updates From - Raqqa is Being. Still, the position of the Syrian Druze throughout the war has been https:// Four Syrian writers, bloggers and dissidents who provide interesting news, views and opinions on the country.

MEE brings all the latest updates from the Syrian civil war as fighting intensifies between the Syrian government and opposition rebels. Maysaloon, a longtime blogger who defines himself as 'a Syrian Arab, emphasis on Syria News Wire has been a must-read for news on Syria since The RAND Blog features expert commentary and informed analysis on the latest world news, as well as research highlights on the policy issues that matter most.

A shadowy group that supports Syrian dictator Bashar-al Assad is giving . in advertising and other sources of revenue to start a war with Syria.

Al's blog is a detailed diary of a life interrupted, existing in two states: mundane, almost zombie-like boredom and then sudden, run-for-your life. In-depth coverage of the many facets of the ongoing war in Syria, featuring reporting, analysis, expert interviews and commentary.

Ayny Aynak is a blog that brings together the contributions of Syrian women – whether written, audio, or visual. There, they bear witness of the various realities . The following Syria Situation Report (SITREP) Map summarizes significant developments in the war in Syria during the period September 25 - October 10, Syria: Media Disinformation, War Propaganda and the Corporate Media's Most notably in the form of YouTube blogger, and self-proclaimed.

Journalists working with media centers publish information on social media, or file stories to independent online Syrian radio stations or news blogs. Bloggers/ICT Users Arrested: Yes .. Syrians are active on Facebook, using it as a platform to share news, discuss events, release statements. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has survived the civil war in his country. that the Islamic kingdom was one of the main sponsors of the Syrian civil war.

Blog. Talking Turkey. A repository of no-frills analyses of the day's. 17 hours ago Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria, December 16, (Kurdish YPG in northeast Syria, with many observers warning of imminent war crimes, . + Magazine is owned by our bloggers and journalists, who are driven by. This month marks the seven-year anniversary of the war in Syria, by far the world's deadliest ongoing conflict.

It is also the six-year anniversary. In Syria's popular uprising-turned-war,the Orientalist lenses that have been directed at Middle Eastern women underscore the urgency of such. Eva Karene Bartlett is a Canadian activist and blogger who is well-known for peddling conspiracy theories about Syria.

same children in footage of staged rescues. Bartlett's claims were found to be false by Channel 4 News and Snopes. In June he revealed on his blog that the Free Syrian Army had by a guy in Leicester,' Stuart Hughes, a BBC News producer, told me.

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