Should Americans have stayed out of WW1

  • YES, the US should enter WWI because of German actions made during this time.

    The US made the right call by entering WWI. After the Lusitania was sunk, and thousands of American lives were lost, America had no other choice. Then the Germans sent the Zimmer telegram which told Mexico to attack the US. If Germany would of won WWI, and America would't of entered the war, then what would of stopped Germany from invading America?

  • Yes, the Germans had to be stopped.

    We should have went to war because we didn't want to get destroyed by the Germans, and plus we wanted to help the countries we were in alliance with. Also if we wouldn't have went to war, then the Germans would rule the U.S. just like how they pretty much ruled all of Europe.

  • Yes they have and they did

    First they had no choice, the Germans sunk Lusitania which was a British ship and contained American soldiers, 128 died. Second, it was the Zimmermann Telegram, Germany told Mexico to declare war on America which outraged them. And lastly, Germans would sink anything that goes in their way with their humongous submarines. So what would they do? Get ruled by Germans or win their victory by at least trying to fight with them? I say they should fight or else we wouldn't have our freedom now.

  • Yes, we should have participated in WW1

    If America did not go into WW1 what would we as a country of looked like? We gave warnings saying if you take down one more boat we will declare war. So they took down Lusitania and we had to stick to our world, otherwise weed be looked upon as weak.

  • Joining WWI was no mistake

    President Wilson demanded that the German government abandon its submarine warfare or the US would be forced to declare war. There were multiple instances in which U-boats destroyed passenger ships holding Americans, and this left many US citizens outraged. In May of 1915, a British passenger ship called Lusitania entered the war zone. A German submarine destroyed the ship with its missiles, killing about 1,200 people which included 128 Americans. Another instance was in March of 1916, when once again, German submarines fired upon a passenger ship. This time it was a French ship the Sussex, and several Americans were injured. Germans repeatedly attacked Americans and this cannot be left unanswered.

  • The US made the right decision

    The US made the right decision to join the war, because the Germans were killing many Americans not accepting the fact the US wants to stay neutral. In doing so, they killed many Americans unjustly. If the US didn't do anything, then the Germans would've kept sinking more ships and killing the Americans that went along with them.
    Also, the Allies were losing the war. They were exhausted from all the years of fighting (trench warfare), that took a long time to even gain land/ advance. Now that Russia dropped out, all the German troops moved toward the Western front. This was a big blow to the Allies. If it weren't for the US, the Allies would've probably lost the war.
    Finally, Germany wasn't going to give up. They wanted to win this thing. President Wilson said "Victory would mean peace forced upon the loser." Meaning, if the Allies won the war, then Germany would have to face the consequences, which would end the war (deaths, destruction, etc).

  • L a u r e n

    Many people believe that the U.S should have entered the war. However there were also people who do not feel the same way. I am one of those who believe that the United States should have entered the war. Due to the fact that Germany could not accept the United States neutrality of the war, the United States needed to retaliate. I believe this was a wise decision because of the disrespect given from Germany. Along with the Americans entering the war I also feel as though the German U-boats and submarines were unjust and unfair. Once the sinking of the Lusitania occurred the U.S. Made an attempt to get Germany to pay back the victim’s survivors. However Germany didn’t accept the attempt and instead blew off the United States. For this reason I believe the United States should have entered the war.
    The United States also should have entered the war because many benefits have come out of it. Without entering the war, the Improvements of warfare weapons would have not came about. Weapons such as poison gas, machine guns, and submarine U- boats would not have come about in efforts which helped the U.S in the current WWI and the future for WWII. The war also caused the production of more money and helped the economy.
    The United States benefited from WWI because women were more respected. Up until World War I women were not respected. They were “supposed to be” stay at home mothers. The stay at home mothers would take care of their children, cook, clean, and be a housewife. They were also required to do everything for their husbands. Women did not go to work, weren’t treated with rights and could not vote. However once World War I occurred the women played a huge role in being nurses for the wounded. While men were at war the women served in hospitals and aided the injured back to help. Although the war contained casualties and bad had come out of it just like any other, more benefits came out of it. Women were now more respected the addition of new weapons, a victory and the U.S also gaining respect from Germany.

  • Shaped Our Country Today

    Well giving the fact that America has learned many new battle techniques and weaponry prints. To add on to it, that we have gotten a vast knowledge of technology. We dont know how our country, let alone the world, would have shaped from the actions of WWI. In my personal opinion, I think we should've gone into this war, because the outcome may have been different, possibly communism would've spread, and depression would've caved in earlier and for a longer period or time.

  • Although reluctant at first, America was drawn into the European war.

    America would love to remain neutral. They were drawn in mainly for three reasons. The first reason was that Germans crushed Belgium trying to get to France. The second reason was that Allied diplomats spread false rumors that Germans killed civilians, raped women, and hurt children as they went through Belgium. The third and most important reason was Germany’s use of a new kind of weapon. The submarine, known as the U-boat.

  • Necessary Deed Done

    The Germans continually poked and prodded at the US trying to get them to enter the war. They agreed to the "Sussex Pledge" but then decided to resume unrestricted submarine warfare because they thought if they did they could be the British very quickly, even if the United States joined the war. After all of that there was also the Zimmerman Telegram which was proof that Germany was waiting for u to enter the war.