Front Porch Reveal! One Room Challenge: Week 6

It’s done! My porch is done! I’m so excited to finally share my finished porch for the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. It was so, so much work; about 50% of it was my husband building new railing, 49% of it was painting, and only 1% was the fun stuff, like pillows and accessories. But that’s how it goes, right?

First, I’ll take you on a little tour and describe some of the changes we made.


Beginning with the front door, I painted the door and screen door to lighten it up a bit, painted the trim white, and changed out the lighting fixture. This one ($29 from Lowe’s) gives the whole porch a warm, homey glow.


In weeks 3 and 4 you saw that Luke took down all the trellis and built a real porch railing. That and painting every surface on this porch clearly made the biggest impact. It’s truly amazing what a difference paint can make. I painted the ceiling in a pretty, aqua blue color, painted the paneling in the front of the house one shade darker than the other half of the house (although I’m reconsidering that color), painted the floors black, and painted all the trim white.

As you can see, I added trellis in front of the window as sort of a focal point, but it also serves as a privacy screen for my boys’ room (right inside the window with no blinds). I added lights (had to have some sparkle, obviously) and tiny potted plants.


In week 2, I painted and stained those $4 nesting tables from a yard sale. I also stained the old IKEA chairs a tiny bit darker, and gave them new cushions from HomeGoods for a pop of color.


This little corner might be my favorite. I added a few plants and hung our hammock (can’t wait to use that!). I also spray painted some little $1.50 house numbers copper to display at the entrance.


I’m really proud of this DIY planter I made from concrete and copper liquid metal, using this super simple tutorial from Happy Looks Good On You. I’ll definitely be using more concrete in the future; at $5 a bag, the possibilities are endless.


Moving right along, I added mulch to emphasize the garden area, and hung branches from my yard, planters, and lanterns to add a little privacy. But clearly, my husband’s porch railing is the star of the show here.




I made hangers for my tiny potted plants with yarn and twine I had on hand using this tutorial, another quick and easy DIY from Free People’s blog (after figuring out how to make the first one, the rest took only about 10 minutes each).

The lanterns are from World Market; they were originally an antique pewter, but I painted them copper.


For this corner, another favorite, I gave the director’s chairs a little makeover by painting the canvas with off-white chalk paint, giving them a coat of Minwax Spar Urethane to make them outdoor friendly, and adding throw pillows.



The pillows are, again, from HomeGoods. The little watering can was $3 from Lowe’s (originally red, but I spray painted it copper). Hopefully it will remind me to water my plants and keep them alive.


And that’s that! I had lots of help from my hubby and even my kids got in on the painting action.


Now, just in case you’ve forgotten, here are a few before and afters to remind you of where we started:


Trimmed BushesAfter:



Front Porch Before 1




Front Porch Before 2




Front Porch Before 3







As for the budget, I originally told you that I would stay within $200. That was before my husband decided to rebuilt the porch. Since the original plan was to just paint everything, I’m not counting what he spent in my budget. I know, that’s totally cheating, but that was his project.

Here’s the breakdown for my budget:

Floor Paint: $35

White Kilz Paint (for railing, trim, etc.): $17

Ceiling/Table Paint (I got 4 $3 paint samples because I didn’t want to buy a whole gallon…I’m a cheapskate!): $12

House Paint: $30

Stain for Furniture: $9

Spar Urethane: $10

Chalk Paint: $6

Copper Liquid Metal: $3.50

Light Fixture: $30

Pillows: $40

Lanterns (Splurge!): $37

Trellis: $7

Concrete: $5

Buckets for Molds: $5

House Numbers: $4.50

Plants (I bought some, borrowed some from the rest of the house, and got some from my Mom): $25

Mulch: $10

Watering Can: $3

Total: $289

So, yeah, I still went over quite a bit, without even counting the work that my husband did. But I still think I did pretty darn good for the amount that I accomplished with that money. I’ve opened my front door just to look out at it just about 50 times since I finished it. It makes me very happy and proud to be finished, and I can’t wait to spend lots of time on it this summer, reading a book in my hammock, listening to my kids playing and laughing. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that it will sound a little more like kids fighting over the hammock, and me yelling at the kids and the dog to not get mud all over the furniture, but hey, one can dream.

Now that I am done (hallelujah!) and have a little time on my hands, I’m going to head over to the One Room Challenge and check out all of the other bloggers’ reveals, so I hope you’ll join me! I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.


Cover Photo


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One Room Challenge: Week 4- Front Porch Makeover

This week for the One Room Challenge, my husband did a lot of constructing and I did a lot of painting.

We’re making over our double wide trailer’s ugly front porch (just a reminder for any new readers), and this is its original form.


Trimmed Bushes

My plan was just to give everything a fresh coat of paint, but my husband got all industrious and decided to build his own porch. Really, he just built new supports, replaced a few boards, and replaced the trellis with slats, but it has been a ton of work and he’s been amazing…especially for having zero experience with “building” porches.

Porch Construction 2Before Paint

So, armed with a paintbrush, coffee, and Kari Jobe on Pandora, I got to work and gave it all a coat of white Kilz paint.

Coffee and Paint

Porch Painted

Painted Porch

(Don’t mind the big pile of construction stuff in the middle of the porch…it’s just going to be like that until Week 6.)

Now, I actually would have loved to have kept the wood unpainted to go with my sort of boho feel, but most of the existing boards were really old with layers and layers of paint, so the only thing that made sense, really, was to paint it all. But clearly, the white paint makes a huge difference, and I think it’s beginning to brighten up the space.

Well, back to work. Only 2 weeks left, and my to-do list is only about a mile long. Be sure to see what’s going on with all of the other bloggers in the One Room Challenge.




One Room Challenge: Week 3-Front Porch Makeover

Week Three means we’re halfway through the One Room Challenge, and I am nowhere near halfway through the amount of work that needs to be done, so this is the point where the panic just starts to kick in. But we did manage to get quite a bit done this week, and I feel a little more confident about the direction we’re heading.

As you may recall, I have a few furniture makeovers that I’m going to attempt, one of which was these bamboo nesting tables that I found at a yard sale for $4.

Nesting Tables

Well, this porch makeover, if all goes as planned, will be a lot of black and white, so I decided I needed a pop of color. I picked up a few paint samples, and settled on this Behr Ultra aqua color, Undine. I also used a stain I had on hand to stain the bamboo a slightly darker shade. Here’s the result:

Nesting Table Makeover 2

Nesting Table Makeover

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out; now they just need a coat of polyacrylic for protection.

As for the porch, we (meaning my husband, of course) did a little demo this week. We decided to take down the lattice (which I’ve always hated), replace a few handrail boards, and replace the ugly, bent, trailer-y looking supports with 4x4s.

Porch Construction 2

We will be putting up wood slats to give it a more traditional porch look, and it will all receive a fresh coat of paint.

As you can see, I still haven’t finished the porch floor. I gave it a second power washing with a more powerful pressure washer, hoping that would get the rest of the paint off, which it didn’t. So now, I have decided that I really, really, really don’t want to tackle stripping the porch, and I’ve settled on painting it instead of staining it.

That’s all for now. I’m so thankful for my husband, who did most of the work this week.

Hope you have a great weekend, and wish me luck! I plan to do a LOT of painting this weekend.







One Room Challenge: Week Two-Front Porch Makeover

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge, where I have decided to makeover my ugly trailer’s front porch in 6 weeks with $200; I’m joining over 200 other bloggers in this challenge.

I’ll be really honest and let you know this week won’t be terribly exciting. I didn’t get a whole lot done.

Just as a reminder, this is the idea I’m going for with my makeover:

Front Porch Mockup


And since I didn’t share last week, here are a few images that I absolutely love and pulled inspiration from:

Inspiration 1

Woodsy Patio Hangout from cuckoo4design


Inspiration 2

Backyard Fire Pit from Blackbird

So this week, I began by trimming a few bushes. Here’s what they looked like before…


…and here they are after I went to town on them.

Trimmed Bushes

Don’t judge my pruning abilities…I am no gardener. They look really sparse, but in order to open up the porch, I had to trim down to the level of the handrail, and all of the greenery was at the top. It made me a little sad, because they are really pretty bushes, but they were so overgrown that it had to be done, and I’m hoping they grow back in next year. I’m contemplating clearing out a flower bed around the bushes and adding mulch and a few flowers…if I have time, that is.

The next thing on the list was some power washing on the porch, which did wonders. You can see the finished and unfinished sides here.

Before After Washing

Porch After

I also got my stain for the porch, Behr Solid Color Weather Proofing Stain in Slate. And yes, it passed the puppy’s approval, just in case you were wondering.

Product Testing

I tried it out in a little patch to make sure it was what I wanted.


I love the way it looks. Unfortunately, there were 2 layers of paint, and while the pressure washing got rid of most of both layers, there are still traces of paint, which are not going to take the stain (as you can see where the shiny spots are). So, I’m going to have to use a paint stripper and scrape the rest off before I can finish the stain.

So, we’ll get there…slowly but surely. That’s all for this week. Be sure to check out all of the other bloggers over at the One Room Challenge…there is a ton of work being done, and so much inspiration to be found over there!

Until next week!


One Room Challenge- Week One: Front Porch Makeover

Hey Y’all!

I know, I know…it’s been a while. I’ve seriously neglected this blog for a few months now, and thanks for being patient with me. I’ve been working on some things, and most importantly, working on establishing some good habits that were really important to me, and it’s been tough getting back into the groove.

So, I figured the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda at would be the perfect time to jump back in with both feet. Although, after the first round I completed back in November, and now that I’m fully aware of just how crazy it can be to makeover a space in 6 weeks, I have to be a little crazy to do it again. But at least I’m not the only crazy one; there are over 100 other people joining the challenge along with me. Be sure to follow their One Week Challenge along with me.

For this challenge, I will be making over my front porch. No small task. If you’re new here to the blog…welcome! If you’ve been following along, you know that my husband and I, our 4 kids, and 2 pets, all live in a less than 1000 square ft., old, dated trailer that we have been working on renovating, trying to make the most of what we have, and bringing our own style into this small space on a very limited budget. So far, we have finished our girls’ bedroom, our boys’ Star Wars Bedroom (from last fall’s One Room Challenge), our front room, and are in the middle of working on our kitchen (see here and here).

For the front porch, here’s what I have to work with:

One very ugly front porch:

Front Porch Before 3

Front Porch Before 2Front Porch Before 1(And here’s another shot with our pretty dogwood tree to distract you from the ugliness that is our front porch.



Two IKEA wicker chairs (so old that IKEA doesn’t sell this particular model anymore and desperately in need of a makeover):

Ikea Wicker Chairs

Two awesome directors chairs my sister and I found at Goodwill for $15 each (which also need a makeover and to be made outdoor friendly):

Director's Chairs

This set of nesting tables that I got for $4 at a yard sale (add that to the ‘needs a makeover’ list):

Nesting Tables


So, yeah…the front porch is bad…really bad. I pretty much haven’t touched it in the almost 2 years since we’ve been here…totally NOT because I’m lazy…but because I wanted the before and after comparison to be THAT much more dramatic. Yeah, that’s what I’m sticking with.

Here’s a mood board of sorts to give you an idea of the look I’m going for, black and white like the rest of the inside with sort of a Moroccan, bohemian vibe with lots of greenery and copper accents:

Front Porch Mockup

What needs to be done:

-A good pressure washing

-Sanding/staining/painting the walls and floors (I’m thinking white for the walls and black for the floors)

-Possibly painting the ceiling for a pop of color

-Build new posts

-The aforementioned furniture makeovers

-Paint or stain the woodwork and trellis

-Make some throw pillows

-Come up with some creative, DIY planters and plant displays

-Find and install a new light

Oh yeah, and the kicker…my husband and I have agreed on a budget of no more than $200. No big deal. I can already see lots and lots of coffee in my future. Y’all wish me luck, and be sure to follow along!







Star Wars Boys’ Room Reveal: One Room Challenge, Week 6

Well, it’s finally here! The day of the big reveal! As usual, I’ve been working on this room up until the very last minute, but I am very happy to say, I’m done.

If you haven’t been following along, the One Room Challenge is an event that Linda at Calling It Home hosts where over 150 bloggers have been working on finishing one room for the last six weeks, and sharing their projects along the way. To get caught what I’ve been doing the last 5 weeks, check here:

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Week Two: Bedside Lego Station

Week Three: Star Wars Mural

Week Four: DIY Star Wars Bedding

Week Five: Restoration Inspired Industrial Star Wars Dresser

If you’re new here to my blog, let me just explain that I live in an old, run-down 1970s trailer (less than 1000 square feet) with my husband, four kids and two pets. Slowly but surely, my husband and I have been working on renovating it, but on a very, very tight budget.

So, in keeping with that theme, I wanted to fix up my boys’ room and make it something special that they loved for as little money as possible. They (along with every other boy on the planet) are really big into Star Wars right now, so that’s what we decided to work with.

Here is what the room looked like originally:


And this was the general plan for my design:


I wanted a spacey, Star Wars look, but with modern, industrial accents to keep it grounded and not too over the top theme-y. I will say, it did end up being pretty theme-y, but they love and I’m happy with it.

What I worked on this week was the second duvet cover, the second dresser makeover


…hanging curtains (just regular black curtains that I spray painted with a similar technique as the mural to look galaxy-esque)…


…hanging a few more shelves, and then the biggest project was my wall art. I used wood letters from Wal-Mart, attached them to the wall with Loc-Tite fun tak, painted them the color of the wall, and then went back and highlighted one word in each phrase with silver craft paint for a little something extra. I had a little help from my son here (they both were cracking up over the “lik my father before me”).



The “I am a Jedi like my father before me” has special significance because my son’s name is Luke and his Daddy’s name is Luke. The lightsaber wall lamps are Uncle Milton lamps from Amazon that my sons got to put together themselves.

And now, I’ll just try to take you on a tour around the room.

I made the duvet covers with 2 $5 sheets painted with fabric paint because I couldn’t afford the IKEA version that I wanted at $50 a piece. The accent pillows are made from pillow cases, a stencil that I made (you can download it here for the Millennium Falcon and here for the Death Star), and fabric paint.



We made the bedside Lego station with $4 IKEA shelves and a $7 IKEA table.


I painted the mural with chalkboard paint, metallic spray paint, and chalk.




I made over my childhood dressers with metallic spray paint, craft paint, polycrylic, and thumb tacs.







And that’s it! Another room completed! Let me know what you think, and be sure to check out the final reveals of the rest of the designers for the One Room Challenge. I’m headed there now!


I’m also sharing this room makeover over at

Bedside Lego Station: Star Wars Boys’ Room- ORC, Week 2

Hello friends! Just checking in to update you on the progress of my boys’ Star Wars Room, the room I’m finishing up over the next 4 weeks along with so many other awesome bloggers during the One Room Challenge at

So, I haven’t gotten very far in my room makeover, but I have a very good reason. As I’m writing this, I am packing for a 10 year anniversary trip to Costa Rica with my hubby, and by the time you read this, I’ll be either deep in the jungle ziplining with the monkeys, visiting volcanoes, basking on the beach…OR, more likely, holed up in our resort watching movies since it’s supposed to rain all week. Don’t ask me how we’ve survived 10 years together as very flawed human beings raising 4 more very flawed human beings with 6 moves along the way…as the saying goes, a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus! I am very thankful for my husband and this chance to get away by ourselves since we didn’t really have much of a honeymoon. My incredible mother-in-law is watching my four kids for us; y’all say a prayer for her!

Amid all of the laundry and packing and last-minute cleaning and travelling, I did manage to squeak out one little project this week, a bedside Lego station for my boys. Here’s how it came together.

You may have seen these spice racks on Pinterest used for everything from spices to books.


Here’s why you’ve seen them everywhere: they are so stinkin’ cheap! At $4 a piece, they are such an affordable storage option. Which is why I decided to give them a coat of spray paint (Rustoleum American Accents in candy apple red) and use them for Lego storage. It’s a great way for my boys to display their creations that they work so hard on and are so proud of.



Once they were dry, we assembled them according to the product instructions, measured, and hung them up on the wall right over their bedside tables (they are evenly spaced, although the picture skews them a little).


The side table was just $7 when I got them several years ago on sale at IKEA; they are now $15, which is still an awesome deal, and they still go on sale every once in a while.


My mother-in-law bought these Lego base plates for my boys for Christmas, so we attached them to the top of the side table.


I used a metal washtub (also given to me) for Lego storage underneath the table. So they have storage underneath, a workspace on the table, and a place to display their creations up above. It’s the perfect, inexpensive solution for this room with two boys, very little space, and lots of Legos.

Here it is all together:


I actually put this together after my kids left for the week, so we’ll find out what they think when we’re all back home together.

See you next week, and don’t forget to check out all the other fabulous makeovers going on over at the One Room Makeover!


I’m also sharing this little project over at the Pretty Preppy Party:

Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss

Boys’ Star Wars Room- One Room Challenge, Week One

If you’ve been following along, you know that I normally work on one room at a time in our renovation of a less-than-a-thousand square foot, 1970s, beat up, double-wide trailer (for 2 adults, 4 kids, and 2 pets!) that we call home. I have most recently been working in our kitchen, putting up a brick backsplash, making a versatile accent wall, and adding a little storage to the cupboards. However, October is a busy, busy month for us this year, and we have some larger projects in the kitchen that we won’t be able to get to right away before we can finish it up. So I’m taking a break from the kitchen to work on my boys’ room, joining the One Room Challenge while I do so.

If you’re one of the very few people like myself (until recently) who has not heard of it, the One Room Challenge is a fantastic event that Linda from Calling It Home hosts, where designers and bloggers work simultaneously to fix up one room in six weeks, all the while inspiring each other, cheering each other on and getting to know and make new friends. This is my first time, and I’m so excited to be joining!

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? This is what the room looked like originally.


And this is the current situation:



Right before we moved in, my sisters painted the room in navy blue and a light blueish gray color. I chose the colors because I originally had a blue and gray room in mind with the Star Wars theme, but over the course of the last year, my plans have changed, and I have decided to go with black and gray. I really like the bedding they currently have, but it’s too much dark in a dark room, and reads a bit more preppy, while I want the room to be a bit more modern, industrial, and space-like.

Other than the paint and bedding, the current décor has been completed by my 7 and 9 year old, which includes vinyl wall decals, a random leftover party decoration, lots and lots of stuffed animals, hidden messages secretly written on furniture (I think you can guess which secret message was written in retaliation after a heated argument involving both occupants of the room), stickers on furniture (grrrr!), creepy test tube aliens, and movie posters.







I know, it’s crazy that I would even think about changing any of these things, right?!? But I do have a few ideas for finishing up the space, and making it a cool, kid-friendly place that my boys still like and want to hang out in.

It will be a challenge because it’s a very small, dark room, and we have to fit two beds and two dressers…not much room for anything else. Also, as a theme room, I don’t want it to be over-the-top theme-y, which is why I’m adding in the industrial accents, and hopefully a few natural elements to balance things out.

This is a rough idea of the feel I’m going for in this room:


Here’s the list of what needs to be done:

-Paint at least the two accent walls; the rest is to be determined

-Paint a mural on one of the accent walls

-Fix and give these dressers an industrial-style makeover


-Add some creative storage and Lego/toy displays

-New bedding (quite possibly a DIY project)

-Finally give them real curtains, just a small upgrade from this paper shade they’ve had for way too long


-Find and make creative artwork and accessories over the beds and on the walls (including some printable artwork I’ll be making)

-Do all of this with a $100 budget (which will absolutely be the hardest part!)

So, I hope you stay tuned! There will be some exciting things to come! And, of course, be sure to check out all of the other bloggers and designers joining this challenge here.

Have a great weekend!