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Aikido has one of the worst repuations in Martial Arts for self defence and this is something I am hoping to change a little with this ranking.

It is true that Aikido is next to useless against anyone that has decent Martial Arts skills, so while it features on this list, I also need to be clear....it is not an art I would rush to do if I needed a self-defence system.

So why have I included it?

Well, because Aikido is incredibly useful for people who have to control aggressive and unskilled people 'all the time'.

Police officers, security officers, prison officers are people who in my opinion would benefit from Aikido as it focuses on control of the arrms/ redirection of energy and has a heavy use of wrist locks. 

As we will see, there are numerous arts out there that will teach you how to knock out an attacker, but professionals in security can't do this, they would have broken knuckles and have videos of them going viral.

So Aikdo does have some excellent usage for professionals.

Origins of  Aikido

Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba who combined his experiences in several Martial Arts to create a system of self defence that is every bit a spiritual system as it is a self protection one. 

The physical techniques draw heavily from swordsmanship which can be seen as the Aikido specialist looks to grab the wrists of the attacker.

Aikido For Self Defence: Why Is It Good?

I am not going to lie, Aikido is a mixed bag. 

On one hand you have some incredible wrist lock techniques and throws that are similar to those seen in Judo.

Yet when faced with anyone with decent striking and or grappling skills the Aikidoist will be destroyed. 

That being said I have worked as a police officer with some highly skilled Aikido experts and they tossed people around like rag dolls and hand their wrists locked up at lightning speed.

However as stated if you are involved in professional security I feel it has some good applications because it is a low impact system for dealing with aggresive and unskilled people. 

People who you would come across a lot in your duties and just need some techniques to deal with those.

So my advice really would be to only study Aikido if you already have Martial Arts experience in another art (one of those on this list). 

Check out this video to see some highl level Aikido on display: