What are some common misconceptions about Chicago

“Corruption… Richard J. Daley and the '60 election, Rod Blagojevich, Jim Ryan, Jesse Jackson Jr.”

- kent_dorfman, Reddit SF 
Fal($)e: My new one-day government contract with full benefits ($) requires that I tell you that there is no corruption in the great city of Chicago ($$). Our fiscal practices are simply misunderstood, and the city’s leaders are doing everything they can ($$$) to ensure ($$$$) the vitality of Chicago ($$$$$$$$$$$$$).

“Al Capone.”

 - s-Ranks, Reddit London
True: Sure, Al Capone was from New York, but he founded the Chicago Outfit, which was way better than New York’s Five Families.

“Inferiority complex.”

 - thanjf99, Reddit NY
False: Says who? No, seriously, which one of you New Yawkers with your dirty rat-trash sidewalks and boiled E.coli hot dogs said this?

“You're going to go bankrupt soon.”

- NewEnglanda143, Reddit Toronto
False: Chicago can’t legally declare bankruptcy. It’s all a political stunt.

“Everyone in Texas thinks Chicago is very dangerous.”

- Kate S., Houston, TX
True: Chicago’s a lot like Texas; everything’s bigger here. Our buildings, our traffic jams, and that 9% of our pizza I mentioned earlier. Why shouldn’t our danger be bigger too? And it’s safer than you think. Just look at all the “no guns” signs on store windows.

“Ferris Bueller had a day off in Chicago.”

 - RebozoNixon, Reddit Toronto
True: And it was the greatest day any Chicagoan has ever seen.

“You're extremely uppity about how hot dogs should be served. And nobody can hear their obnoxious accents.”

- Cass A., Sarasota, FL
Proudly true: Just because we’re the only ones who know how to correctly put encased meat on a bun doesn’t mean we’re uppity. We just hate everyone who does things differently than us. And we don’t have an eahccent... ahem, I mean eahccent... eaaaaaaaaahccent. We talk like normal people!

“There are neighborhoods that are too dangerous to drive through.”

- TheAntiPedantic, Reddit SF
False: Cars go very fast. Stop signs are optional in some neighborhoods, though.