What are some synonyms for Look around

Look directly at someone without showing embarrassment, fear, or shame.

‘I felt confident enough to look him straight in the eye’
  • ‘But they never looked me in the eye or addressed me directly.’
  • ‘She didn't look him in the eye for fear of how he would answer.’
  • ‘Maybe he would have the best policies, but I could never support any politician who can't look me in the eye and give a straight answer to a question.’
  • ‘I see no reason why viewers should not enjoy a scholar simply looking them in the eye and talking straight.’
  • ‘If Lydia ever thought you knew, she'd be too embarrassed to ever look you in the face again.’
  • ‘I was too embarrassed to look Alex in the face.’
  • ‘‘It's not over yet,’ she murmured, still not brave enough to look me in the face.’
  • ‘At least I could look him in the eye and tell him straight out that he can't hurt me anymore.’
  • ‘I like somebody that looks me in the eye when I ask a question.’
  • ‘David has trouble looking you in the eye, has a stutter and hasn't yet got the hang of speaking on the phone.’