What are the applications of microprogramming

  • In Realization of control unit: Microprogramming is used widely now for implementing the control unit of computers

  • In Operating system: Microprograms can be used to implement some of the primitives of operating system. This simplifies operation system implementation and also improves the performance of the operating system.

  • In High-Level Language support: In High-Level language various sub functions and data types can be implemented using microprogramming. This makes compilation into an efficient machine language form possible.

  • In Microdiagnostics: Microprogramming can be used for detection isolation monitoring and repair of system errors. This is known as microdiagnostics and they significantly enhance system maintenance.

  • In User Tailoring: By using RAM for implementing control memory (CM), it is possible to tailor the machine to different applications.

  • In Emulation: Emulation refers to the use of a microprogram on one machine to execute programs originally written for another machine. This is used widely as an aid for users in migrating from one computer to another.