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Today we will discus about best health insurance plans in India 2020.

What is the Health Insurance Plan?

“Health insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the contractor in the hospital during the insurance period.”

Today, health insurance also provides coverage for hospital admissions, before admission and after admission.

The costs incurred are reimbursed to the insured or paid directly to the service provider.

Types of Health Insurance Plans in India

Health insurance in India can generally be classified into the following types:

Medicals Plans: medical plans are health insurance plans that pay an individual’s admission fee and health costs based on the cost of insurance. Therefore, these plans are also called compensation plans.  

Family floater health insurance plans:Family health insurance plans cover the entire family in one health insurance plan.

It works on the assumption that not all members of the family will suffer from the disease at the same time.

These plans cover hospital costs before and after hospitalization.

Most health insurance companies offering family insurance in India have an extensive network of hospitals that help insurers in the event of an emergency.    

Plans for Senior citizen: As the name implies, the health insurance plans for the senior citizen are intended for the elderly of the family.

These plans concern health problems in the elderly.

According to the rules of IRDAI, each insurance company must provide guarantees of up to 65 years.

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Maternity health insurance plan: and other additional health insurance plans. These policies include prenatal and postnatal care and cesarean or normal delivery.

Like other health insurance plan, maternity insurance providers generally have a wide range of networked hospitals and also cover ambulance costs.

Daily Care Plans for Hospitals: Hospitals Daily cash benefits are a defined benefit policy that provides a certain amount of money for each day of hospitalization.

Critical Illness Plans: These plans are benefit-based contracts that receive a lump sum for the diagnosis of the critical illness involved.

These diseases are usually of a specific nature with high severity and a low frequency. As a result, the cost of treatment is greater than the daily need for medical care.

Some of these diseases include heart attacks, cancer, stroke, and so on.

Top Best Health Insurance Plans In India in 2020:

Compare Health Insurance Plan

Best Family Floater Health Insurance Plans in India 2020

1. Apollo Munich Optima Restore:

Apollo Munich Optima Restore is the best health insurance plan for family in India. This policy is designed specifically for the needs of the family and includes spouses, children, parents and parents of the mother-in-law.

This guarantee automatically restores the basic amount, which is provided at no extra charge, if it ends in a policy year. However, the sum of the insured restorations can only be used for the requests of the hospitalized person during this political year.

2. Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater Health Insurance Plan:

It is comprehensive health insurance that best meets the needs of a family.

There are 3 types of this plan: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver variant: A basic health insurance plan that includes institutional care, pre- and post-stay costs, and daily care procedures. It also offers maternity benefits to 2 children and includes the newborn.

Gold variant: this silver has all the characteristics of the tray and an additional cover for AYUSH treatments.

Platinum Variable: This variable offers all the features of the Gold Plan and has many additional features, as follows:

  • There is no limit in the category of hospital rooms.    
  • Covers international treatments for certain diseases such as cancer.   Fees for OPD processing and diagnostic services, if necessary.     
  • Option to move the lower limit of consulting and diagnostic services for the next policy year.    
  •  Vaccination fees for children up to 12 years old.

Ans also ranks second on our list of the best top 10 family health insurance plan in India 2020.

3. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Floater Plan:

Bajaj allianz health insurance plan

This is a full coverage policy covering the whole family with a higher percentage, ie the sum insured can be used to cover other eligible expenses of the insured in case of hospitalization or insurance.

The policy has a purpose paid by the spouse (you have to pay part of the hospital account) after a certain age.

The main benefit of this policy is cataract, joint replacement, etc. Joint operations for the elderly are combined after a waiting period of 4 years.

Ans also ranks third on our list of the best top 10 health insurance in India.

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Best Health Insurance Plan in India for Individual

4. Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Plan

This is an individual health plan that covers the purpose of AYUSH treatment, patient coverage, pre- and post-admission costs.

Apollo Munich health insurance plan

The policy offers the opportunity to purchase a critical driver. If you buy critical illness coverage, you will receive critical illness coverage equal to 50% or 100% of the total insured. Minimum need for critical illness Rs.1 lakh.

Ans also ranks fourth on our list of the best top 10 individual health insurance plan in India 2020.

5.HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha – Regain Benefit Plan

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance plan.

This is an individual plan with affordable premium rates compared to other plans on the list. In the insurance policy, if the police are exhausted, she offers assistance for the restoration.

There are more than 6,000 hospital hospitals where you can apply for cashless benefits.

Ans also ranks fifth on our list of the best top 10 health insurance plan in India.

Best Health Insurance Plan for Parents

Compare Health Insurance Plan

6.Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet:

It is a policy for the elderly. Anyone over the age of 60 and over the age of 75 can take out this policy and the coverage will be renewable for its entire duration.

This is only available as an individual criterion.

Ans also ranks sixth on our list of the best top 10 health insurance plan for parent in India.

7. Bajaj Silver Health:

This policy can be purchased by anyone between the ages of 46 and 70 and can be renewed for life.

This is only available as an individual criterion.

Ans also ranks seven on our list of the best top 10 health insurance plan for parents in India .

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8. Star Health Cardiac Care insurance

This is a special health policy for cardiac patients. Those who have undergone stent surgery or bypass surgery 4 years before the acquisition of the police are entitled to this policy.

All other features of this policy are similar to other health insurance plans.

Ans also ranks eighth on our list of the best top 10 health insurance plan for parents in India.

Top Health Insurance Companies In India:

There are top 5 health insurance companies in India:

  • Max Bupa
  • Apollo Munich
  • ICICI Lombard
  • Star Health Insurance

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Which is the best health insurance companies in India 2020?

Ans: List of health insurance companies in India 2020:
1) Max Bupa
2) Apollo Munich
3) ICICI Lombard
4) Star Health Insurance

What are the fixed benefits health insurance plans?

Ans: It is important to introduce what is called a fixed health insurance plan to address these challenges in the treatment of serious illnesses. These plans cover two main costs, as well as all operating costs, such as hospital room expenses. Please note, however, that these plans do not cover costs, including pathology, radiology, and medical consultation.

Who should have a health insurance plan?

Ans: A person who wishes to improve the existing health insurance must absolutely choose the fixed health insurance plans.
In addition, a person who is fearful of being exposed to a loss of income due to the excessive costs of hospitalization should definitely choose this plan. Employers do not offer a paid medical license from time to time.
This is a continuing benefit for the Saver Health Insurance Plan. Anyone of any age can have a serious illness.
Having a fixed health insurance plan provides a feeling of relaxation without ruining your savings.
The lump sum received after the application, with no lower limit, clearly shows your health expenses and your financial expenses for the years to come!


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