What business can I start with 450

Entrepreneur Magazine has a list of Low Cost Startup Businesses, some of which can be started for $500. I suggest you check out their list


The best business, however, will depend on what you want, how you define to be interesting. A person may consider a pet sitting business to be the most exciting work in the world, while another person would rather watch TV than take care of dogs.

The key is to determine what your interests are, what you want to do, what is suitable for your lifestyle and your overall goals, and what can fit with your resources.

Dan Ramsey in his book "101 Best Home Businesses" has a chapter on how to find YOUR best home business. He suggests these 10 steps:

1. List 5 things you do best

2. List how others would benefit from what you do best

3. Find out how to give people what they want

4. Learn the value of your services to others

5. Find out who else offers similar services

6. Learn from the successes of others

7. Learn from the failures of others

8. Plan your own success

9. Make low cost mistakes

10. Enjoy what you do and how you do it

He then made suggestions on the best home businesses according to type. Here are a few of them:

Best Businesses Using Craft or Physical Skills

- antique restoration

- auto detail service

- carpet cleaning business

- errand/delivery service

- housecleaning business

Best Service Businesses

- bed and breakfast operator

- caregiver

- catering service

- senior day care center

- tutoring service

Best Professional Businesses

- desktop publisher

- magazine writer

- import/export service

- income tax preparation service

- event planner

Some other home business ideas:

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