What do you call a hippies wife

Hippies Jokes

Two Hippies Two Hippies are walking down a railroad track stoned.

One Hippie says "This is a really long fucking staircase!"

The other Hippie says "I don't mind the stairs, it's this low fucking handrail thats killing me."

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Local hippies are boycotting the sex shop.

I guess they have bad vibes.

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Why do hippies like didgeridoos?

It’s the closest they can get to giving a tree a blowjob.

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What do you call a hippies' wife?

How do you starve hippies?

Hide their paycheck under a bar of soap.

How many hippies does it take to skrew in a light bulb!?

None. Hippies skrew in tents!

Cannibals have to be careful with hippies.

Because the steaks are high.

Hippies don't urinate

How many hippies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Hippies don’t screw in light bulbs. They screw in dirty sleeping bags.

Why didn’t the lifeguard rescue the drowning hippies?

They were too far out, man

What kind of cigarettes do hippies smoke?

How do you call three hippies hugging a tree?

I have a friend who's parents were hippies...

In fact it really shows because they named him "Life". Life is also really bad at math, I mean like 1+1=3 bad. It's okay though, he has been injected with special bacteria that can do math for him. In other words.....

Its the little things in life that count.

Why aren’t lifeguards good at saving hippies?

Because they’re too far out.

Why is it hard for life guards to save hippies ?

Because they're too far out.

Why do hippies shop at Ikea?

Because no trees were harmed in the making of their furniture.

What do you call two hippies that get hit by a paint truck at the exact same moment?

Why don't hippies make good chemists?

Because they're always dropping acid.

Why do old hippies drink Honest Tea?

Because proper tea is theft.

Why are most mountain climbers hippies?

Because scalars have no direction

(OC, as far as I know)

Necrophiles and hippies are very similar

Both want peace and love.

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