What do you think of Hindi Diwas

We celebrate Hindi Diwas on 14 Sep as Part XVII of the Constitution containing provision

regarding Official Language (Hindi) was passed

by the Constituent Assembly on 14 September 1949.

So it commemorate that day as well as promote usage of Hindi we celebrate Hindi Day/week/fortnight.

I mistook your question as how to celebrate it and wrote as below first.

If you ask me personally. The best way of celebrate Hindi Diwas is to abolish it because instead of doing good for Hindi it is limiting Hindi to one day of the year whereas if we want to promote Hindi then it should be promoted on each day of year and not showcase on one day.

Having said that you can try following:

1. Keep some competition like Hindi Essay writing, Debate, Quiz contest.

2. Contributing Hindi books to the library i.e. everyone who is having Hindi books can donate these to the library so that every one else can read.

3. Should I tell you one crazy idea. Take everyone to some good Hindi movie. This is best way to promote Hindi because every one like Hindi movie.

4. Other common things are posters, Hindi words etc.