What does yakhalasi mean in Egyptian Arabic

Haga in Egyptian arabic dialect derives from the word "Hajatoun" in classic arabic.

It means "thing" or "something".

Egyptians and some other middle-easterners pronounces their "J" in most words as "G" like in "goal" as opposed to "job".

exple: a beautiful thing = haga gameela..in classic arabic = hajatoun jameelatoun, or haja jameelah.

As fo "di" it's is for "this/that". Again, Egyptians and neighbors shorten the classic arabic word "hadihi" (feminine) or "hada" (masculine) (pronounced with a gutural H sound).

exple: This is a nice car= El sayara di helwa....in classic arabic= Hadihi 'Lsayarato jameelatoun/jameela.

Just a little clarification:

1- Kaman = again and not else. Else in arabic is Okhra

2- Also, Hagga (with 2 G) means pilgrim and not saint. We give the honorable and highly regarded title of Hag and Hagga to the muslims who went at least once in their lifetime to the Hajj in Mecca, as part of the 5 pillars or Islam, Hajj being the 5th on condition the person can afford it physically and financially.

Notice, we say Haj and Hajja in classic arabic.

The sound G in all these word does not exist besides in the arabic dialect or commonly used arabic in Egypt and select neighboring countries

Source(s): Native. IT pro and polyglot.