What exactly is brahmastra

Here's the movie everyone is talking about. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's Brahmastra gave us a spectacular show at the Kumbh Mela of Prayagraj (Allahabad) as the makers launched the film's logo with over 100 drones. On that occasion, director Ayan Mukerji also finally made his debut on Instagram and has been talking about ONLY Brahmastra ever since. For those who remember, the film announced a couple of years back, was initially titled Dragon. Ayan also shared with us a 'concept art', consisting of various forms of fire. "About something that is at the very heart of it... Fire,' he wrote.


That initiates a number of interesting conversations about the film. Ayan, when he says that 'fire' is the very heart of it, probably means that it is the fire that is the very element of a Brahmastra, a supernatural weapon, the mention of which can be found in Hindu mythology in plentiful. What exactly is it, though?



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It’s been a long long time since the Brahmāstra journey began... The movie was called Dragon in those days... I had no idea what VFX was but had dreamt up a movie full of it... I had long strange hair... There have been so many milestone memories and discoveries for me through this ride, that sharing them with whoever is listening on Instagram is as much about connecting the dots for myself... Here is the first really simple concept art we made for the movie... but about something that is at the very heart of it... Fire 🔥

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Going by the Sanskrit writings, Brahmastra is a weapon created by Lord Brahma (the four-faced god which as per Hindu mythology is the creator of the world). The Mahabharata and the Ramayana elaborate the usage of the Brahmastra only as a final resort when a warrior HAS to win, in order to protect and uphold his Dharma. As per mythology, the destructive weapon is actually a union of three weapons. It was believed to NEVER miss its target. As the ancient scripts suggest, a Brahmastra could only be obtained by pleasing Brahma through years of meditation.


Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Order, the original name of Hinduism, is believed to have been founded by Brahma. It is said that Brahma created the Brahmastra to protest his Dharma and Satya.


Some suggest that the Brahmastra got its power by altering the sound waves on the earth. The sound that it creates is known as Brahma Nad.


In Ramayana, the Prince of Lanka and the son of Ravana, during combat with the army of Rama, used the Brahmastra on Lakshman. Rama's faithful companion Hanuman saved his life by bringing the Sanjeevani herbs which Lakshman smelled and came back to senses. Rama later used the divine weapon to kill Ravana as well.


Brahmastra, the film, is reported to be heavily based on VFX. None has divulged much detail about the plot but we are guessing it will have a strong reference to mythology.


The film is slated to release on 20th December 2019.