What exactly is love sickness

Butterflies are NOT the same as love sickness.

Butterflies are just that cute little feeling you get from thinking about or being around your "crush"

Love sickness is when you are away from the one you love, whether it's just a distance thing or a break up, it's the worst illness there is.

Where you can't eat, or sleep, where you feel every possible emotion all jumbled at once.

You feel so horrible, you can't help but cry, you don't even care who sees you upset anymore, you don't pay attention to who is around, sometimes you lose track of where you are and why your there.

There are times when you want to just die because you feel like you can't be happy with out that person.

You want to feel physically, the way you hurt on the inside.

You can't smile, partly because you feel like you don't deserve to be happy, and alot of the time you blame yourself for everything.

It truly is the worst feeling there is.