What is a useless skill you have

Useless skills that you have


I can:

-Come up with puns and punchlines for jokes concerning fandoms that I am not a part of and don't even fully understand
-Read strangers' T-shirts without them noticing
-Speak in a Nigerian accent but only in a high-pitched muppet voice and not in any other kind of voice
-Identify random strangers who would make GREAT voice actors (one year there was this girl in my psych class who sounded just like Cristina Vee...hot damn...)
-Sneeze when the temperature changes drastically
-Stave off hunger for an extra 12+ hours by going to sleep
-Look directly at people and then shift my gaze ever so slightly so they think I was just looking past them
-Calculate the trajectories of pedestrians ahead of time to know whether or not I need to increase my speed to avoid bumping into them or getting uncomfortably close to them
-Find obscure anime episodes online (I used to be good at finding mp3's, too...but I've lost those skills, unfortunately)
-Find people attractive (I can explain...)


Really had to think hard for this lmao
- I know the entire Phantom of the Opera musical by heart (not all lyrics but basically everything else)
- I have extended knowledge in subjects nobody cares or want to hear about (titanic, beethoven, donald duck)
- I'm very good at taking up as little space as humanly possible and never being in the way of anyone
- I can smell memories (Synesthesia)


i can almost recite lyrics to almost every beatles song o-o


Personally I think that calculating trajectories one is pretty useful and it's something I do myself

As for my relatively useless skills I can:
- roughly determine a person's shoe size looking at their feet (rubbed off from an old boss of mine; i'm nowhere near his skill level though)
- quote/recall scenes and obscure lore from the sonic franchise
- recite more than a dozen different vines from memory
- identify specific shades of a color
- develop interest in mobile games that next to no one cares about
- lucid dream
-find random obscure songs (more a hobby than a skill though)


Do explain that last one

  • I can read minds but it's useless because it happens at random and I have no control over it
  • I'm pretty good at finding lost stuff, but I rarely misplace anything
  • 90% of the time I can tell who's the culprit in a crime/detective story, simply because it happens to be my favorite character... it goes like this "Wow, that guy, I already like him! ..............Oh no..."
  • I somehow have the skill of falling in love with doomed characters. I started to joke that I have a graveyard dedicated to all my dead favs. (I'm running out of space, seriously)


  • I'm very good at taking up as little space as humanly possible and never being in the way of anyone

I can do this one too, haha. Though I'm very short anyway... But also because of that:
- Being creative when I need to reach high places - because I'm too shy to ask people to help me out. (Once I brought a big stick with me to the supermarket because I knew what I want to buy is on the highest possible shelf.)
- Speaking in a very deep, monster voice to scare others.
- Drinking from a bottle upside down or in any possibly poses
- Easily getting attached to characters I didn't create (the reason why I have a huge amount of unused OCs I bought from other people...)


I can:
-Lick my elbow
-my chest skin can stretch to my chin
-my thumb can touch my forearm
-my tongue touches my nose
-I can eat anything and not gain any weight (to the point where I was considered malnourished even though I ate a lot)
-I have the power of losing weight when I don't exercise
-I can find an unknown manga at the time, get obsessed with it, and it turns into a juggernaut of popularity (happened with food wars, rising of the shield hero, goblin slayer, kenja no mago; found them all almost 1 to 5 years before the anime or popularity happened)


Here are my useless skills:

-i can make up random songs on the spot
-i can do Donald Duck`s voice
-i have an amazing memory for videogames/tv shows/ movies/ etc...
-i can speak some words in latin
-i can do a somewhat convincing feminine voice


  • recite more than a dozen different vines from memory
  • identify specific shades of a color
  • develop interest in mobile games that next to no one cares about

Same. xD Especially the color shade one. I drive my friends mad by it since they're not even aware some shades of colors actually have names.

And my useless skills:
- I can twist my foot 180 degrees and walk like that.
- I can smell awful smells from a very long distance, I can even wake up because something on the other end of the house started to smell
- I'm decent at recognizing local butterfly species
- I can remember long song titles
- I'm good with making puns
- I can roll my tongue like Buttercup in that one Powerpuffs episode
- I somewhat can growl but I cannot sing to save my life


I can play a few songs on the piano

Discuss chess (in an interesting way)

Do 100 (clean) pushups


I can make my index finger on my right hand go limp and when I move my hand fast up and down, it slaps against my thumb and middle finger to make a snapping noise. For most of my childhood I thought that was how people snapped their fingers.

I can rotate my ankles and make my feet face outwards in a horizontal line. If I kneel down my feet lay flat sideways. That one always freaks people out because I do it unconsciously at work when I clean spills off the floor. (I'm a janitor)


  • great memory for Japanese names exclusively
  • drinking a few litres of water in one sitting
  • great attention to details... I am that person that will see that someone is lacking a second earring through a window of a cafe I walk past. Yes, totally useless.
  • can sit in one spot for hours without moving at all, all the places I sit in have a special pit from my butt
  • ... but then faint after standing for 20 minutes
  • curling my tongue xD


You'd make a great stake-out detective lol


Hahaa, that's actually a great idea x)


  • Flawless mimicry of the cuckoo (the bird's voice/call, I mean). I heard the bird IRL when I was 5, and learned how to make that sound right away.

  • I can flex my scalp.


my thumb can touch my forearm

Hey, me too!


  • me too! I can also flex my scalp! Although I can only do it on the sides of my scalp
  • I can build muscle really easily ( I'm a cis woman D:)
  • I can automatically sing a song which lyrics's starts with the last word you said.
  • I can tell if a person is thinking of wanting to pee but is holding it in



Do explain that last one

It's a bit weird...basically, I have a knack for taking those people that some might write off as 'below average' or 'geeky' or just plain old 'ugly' and seeing them as a potential lover might see them...finding the beauty in the lines of their face, or the shape of their smile. Normally if I find someone ugly, it's due to their behavior, not their actual looks.

If nothing else, I know I have a lower threshold for 'that guy/girl is so CUTE' than most people would. I mean, it's either that, or I just happen to be constantly surrounded by conventionally beautiful people, which seems less likely to me.


I can do a very realistic dog bark


I can remember anything in great details (how people felt/ who said what) like i can relive it but i cant remember the date or even what year it was, so it can be useless most of the time xD


-being able to reference every beatles song/cartoon
-knowing useless history facts
-i can twist my arm 360 degrees
-i never have to stop on road trips, no matter how long
- i can identify smells in a weirdly specific way
-i can speak cat
-i know swear words in latin
-i can eat a whole buffet and not gain a pound
-i can find secret truths about people that make them sad but I feel bad about it so I don't talk about it often
-i know how to commit a suspicious number of crimes and get away with it, but id feel bad do i dont
-i can pickpocket anything off anyone as long as they're not paying attention

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