What is an abbreviation for according to

ColorGerman Abbreviation Abbreviation acc. to IEC 60757
IEC = International Electro-technical Commission

Identification of conductors according to DIN VDE 0293 and conductor color
to DIN 47002 and IEC 60304

Wiring cable with a nominal voltage U
0/U 300/500 V
The following colors have been recommended: black, white, blue, gray, brown, red, orange, turquoise, violet and pink.
Exceptions are green and yellow which are only admitted to be used, if the safety regulations permit.
The color green is allowed to use for illuminations and light decorations.
All two-color combinations of the above single colors are allowed to be used.
Single conductor cables with a nominal voltage U0/U 450/750 V
The following single colors have been recommended (only of one color)
black, white, blue, gray, brown, red, orange, turquoise, violet and pink.
Two-color combinations are not allowed to be used, with the exception of green-yellow.
Single conductor cables and single conductor sheathed cables
The color is black or green-yellow.
The exception is for illumination and light decorations where the conductor color brown is permitted.

Identification of the conductors through colors

are allowed:            
a) through coloring the whole insulation compound or
b) through coloring the outer surface or
c) through colored tapes, so far it is specified in the standards
By identification through coloring only on outer surface (item b) but not allowed to have any color additives beneath the insulation with an exception by double color coding.
By conductor identification with green-yellow, one of the colors have to cover not less than 30% and the other not more than 70% of the surface.

Identification through number coding

The printing of numberings on conductors consists of repeating codes (with number and dashes), printed longitudinally on conductor (for coordination and dimensions see DIN VDE 0293)


The following conductor identifications are valid for power cables with nominal voltage up to 1000 V. Scopes for valid DIN VDE prescription:
 DIN VDE 0250 - Insulated power cables
 DIN VDE 0255 - Cables with paper-insulation and metal sheath
 DIN VDE 0265 - Cables with PVC-insulation and lead sheath
 DIN VDE 0266 - Halogen-free cable with improved characteristics in case of fire
 DIN VDE 0271 - Cable with PVC-insulation and PVC outer jacket 0,6/1 kV
 DIN VDE 0272 - XLPE-insulated cable
 DIN VDE 0281 - PVC-insulated power cable
 DIN VDE 0282 - Rubber-insulated power cable