What is court probation

The pre-sentence report guides judges to determine the appropriate sentencing for a criminal case and to help assess if the defendant will benefit from probation and other forms of treatment, or serve time in county jail.

Post Sentence
At times, the court may order an investigation report (post sentence) after the defendant has been found guilty or has pled guilty.  The court can sentence the defendant to serve time in county jail or a state facility. Some defendants are not incarcerated but placed on probation for a designated period.

Bench Warrant Pickup
A bench warrant pickup report is usually requested when a probationer has been arrested on a bench warrant issued by the court following a revocation of probation. The bench warrant pickup report provides the court with information about the probationer’s activities after the revocation, his/her explanation for failing to comply with probation, the defendant’s plans for the future and the probation officer’s assessment of the defendant’s suitability for continued supervision and the DPO’s recommendation for a disposition in the case.

Supplemental reports are prepared when ordered by the court or when additional information has been received after a report has been completed or submitted to court. Supplemental reports can include new information in the areas of restitution, victim statements, interested parties, or subsequent arrests.