What is The Beatles last song

The last Beatles *release* of new material was the LP, Let It Be, Friday, May 8, 1970.

The last *mixing* was I Me Mine, Thursday, April 2, 1970.

The last *recording* was with Ringo: Across The Universe, The Long & Winding Road, and I Me Mine, Wednesday, April 1, 1970. The other Beatles were not present on this date.

The last *single release* was Let It Be b/w You Know My Name, Friday, March 6, 1970.

The last time *George or Paul were in the studio recording* was Jan. 4, 1970. Everyone but John was there for this. Paul and George did vocals, George did the guitar solo heard on the LP version, Ringo played drums, and Paul shook maracas.

The last time *John was in the studio* coincided with two other events. The four Beatles were together in the studio recording for the last time, *and* the cover for Abbey Road was shot, on Friday, August 8, 1969. The songs recorded were: Ending (working title for The End) [ironically appropriate], I Want You, and Oh! Darling.

John wasn't recording anything with the others for nearly 8 months before the last recordings were made.