What is the Half Earth project

The Half-Earth Chairs and Scholars program will champion biodiversity research and nurture scholarship that helps us understand our world and how to best care for it. This program will help create the next generation of conservation scientists, support local and regional biodiversity research, mentor scholars and next generation stewards, and provide regionally relevant expertise that perpetuates conservation efforts worldwide.

Half-Earth Chairs are biodiversity researchers who have unique insight into the socio-economic needs and conservation priorities of their region. Based at universities in regions around the world, they provide a global footprint of scientific leadership for how we can best study, preserve and protect the biodiversity of our planet. Following their term, each Chair will become a permanent member of the Half-Earth Council.

In order to seed and nurture next-generation science and stewardship worldwide, the Half-Earth Scholars program will support early career biodiversity research scientists. Scholars will be mentored by the Half-Earth Chairs and provided with the unique opportunity to engage with leading biodiversity researchers as they convene to support the goal of Half-Earth. Scholars will be selected from a global pool of qualified applicants.

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