What is the value of 81


Since you are asking about the future, I can only speculate. There are many, many factors that affect the market value of an automobile, but most cars fall into the category of depreciating assets for several years after purchase. Certain vehicles, such as our vettes, will begin to appreciate due to their special interest. How much is hard to tell. I would say that you are pretty lucky to have purchased a vehicle that is still worth almost as much as you paid for it 26 years ago. Some of the things the '81 has going for it is: last carbureted model (with ECM) and only year built at two locations (St. Louis & Bowling Green). The early C3's (bumper cars) are seeing good appreciation currently. I would guess that at some appropriate time, the later C3's will experience something similar, adjusted for the increased production numbers of the later years. The hard part is being patient enough to wait until that value curve turns upward following the normal vehicle depreciation period. You're past that point, so I only see them going up, even if it may be at a slow rate. Of course that all depends on how the car was maintained over those 26 years. Just my two cents.