What is TiO2s polarity

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Because of the type of compound it is. Peroxide means it has an extra oxygen in the molecule which is what makes hydrogen peroxide "unstable" and makes it want to react with something and oxidize it and get rid of that extra oxygen and turn back to water H2O. That is why when you put peroxide on cuts or scrapes, the extra charge on the peroxide coming from that extra oxygen makes the oxygen attack bacteria in your blood and the oxygen "burns" up the fuel in the bacteria to make it die. Regular water does not contain this energy from an extra oxygen. When the peroxide reacts with the blood, it loses it's extra oxygen and turns back to stable water which has a neutral charge Your count is right too. The hydrogen has 2+ charge but the oxygen has a 4- charge, so there is two extra electrons available that want to react with something. That is why you have to keep a lid on a peroxide bottle because that oxygen with the 2- charge wants to leave the peroxide to turn back to water, which is very stable in comparison