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Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Websites

What are the most popular websites in China? It is well known that a lot of popular foreign websites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked in China because of the “harmonious” society. Instead Chinese people have their alternatives to these foreign websites. In this article, we will introduce the top 10 most popular Chinese websites. It would be helpful for foreigners who may want to live in China, but don’t know what websites to use.

Top 1. 百度 (bǎi dù)

China’s “Google” - Top one search engine in China. Nowadays, Baidu offers various services, including music, map, discussion forum, encyclopedia, images, video, etc. If you live in China, this is the most recommended website.

Top 2.优酷 (yōu kù)

The most popular video website in China. Youku and Tudou used to be separate companies that compete fiercely with each other. But now the two video giants have jointed together as one to better serve their users.

Top 3. 淘宝 (táo bǎo)

The most famous and popular online shopping website in China, owned by the Alibaba Group. Before long, its founder Ma Yu became the richest man in China after Alibaba claims the record for the largest US-listed initial public offering (IPO). On the single day of “double 11” 2014, Tianmao (taobao)’s sales hit a record high of 57.1 billion RMB.

Top 4. 人人 (rén rén)

China’s Facebook.

Top 5. 新浪博客 (xīn lànɡ bó kè)

China's most popular blog posting platform.

Top 6. 58同城 (tónɡ chénɡ)

58 同城 is, in his words “a magic website.” Like yelp.com, it positions itself as a local service provider. Its services include housing, finding jobs, second hand sales, games, etc. A very useful tool for living in China.

Top 7. 有道词典 (yǒu dào cí diǎn)

One of the most popular online Chinese-English dictionary website in China. While Chinese people use it to look up English words, Chinese learners may also find it as a good tool for learning mandarin Chinese.

Top 8. 去哪儿网 (qù nǎ ér wǎnɡ)

As its name tells “Where to go? ”, this is the most popular Chinese tour guide website for those traveling in China. Besides finding interesting places on it, it’s also a good place to buy plane tickets, booking hotels, etc. If you are living in China and travels a lot here, this is a must for you.

Top 9. 世纪佳缘 (shì jì jiā yuán)

Many people love China because of its beautiful ladies. So if you want to find a Chinese girlfriend or wife, this dating website is highly recommended to you. A lot of beautiful girls there!

Top 10. 天涯社区 (tiān yá shè qū)

A very popular discussion forum where people can share and discuss heated news, opinions, and topics.

Do you find these websites useful? What other websites do you want to know if you want to live in China?

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