What is your favourite Hanukkah memory

What is your favorite childhood memory?

When I was little, my dad wore a suit to work and carried a briefcase. (This is funny if you knew him in his tattoed, shaved head, Harley-riding days!) When he got home from work, my mom and I would sometimes greet him at the door with a basket, and I would yell, “mater-checking time”!

We grew cherry tomatoes in the backyard and we would check regularly to see if there were new ones to be picked. We’d wait for Dad to get home so we could all check them together.

And sometimes I would mess with the spinning-number locks on his briefcase and it would make him mad, because he wouldn’t bother locking it, so he’d have to put the code in again and again. 😉

And I would sit on my dad’s lap and watch football and WWF wrestling. (Steelers and Hulk Hogan, duh.)

But, the best part was mater-checking time!

[20 Questions]

1. What age did you learn to ride a bike?
2. Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? What was it like?
3. What was your first car? What did you love/hate about it?
4. Who is/are your hero(es)?
5. What is one of your favorite memories from your childhood?
6. Do you play an instrument? If not, what would you want to play if you could?
7. What’s something on your “bucket list”?
8. What were you like in middle school? What were your clothing/music choices? (Around 12 years old.)
9. What is something adventurous you’d like to do someday?
10. Do you believe in anything “odd” – UFOs, ghosts, horoscopes, superstitions, etc.?
11. What’s something you’re interested in that no one really knows about or no one would really understand?
12. What’s your favorite nostalgic song? What does it remind you of?
13. If you could learn one new skill or pick up a new hobby, what would you like to do?
14. What’s your favorite book? Magazine?
15. What’s your religion/religious beliefs?
16. What are you going to name your children? Or, what are your favorite names in general?
17. Who was your childhood best friend? Do you still keep in touch?
18. Tell us your life philosophy?
19. Tell us a secret talent!
20. Create your own question and answer it!

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