What killed my young cat

Should I punish my old cat when she terrorizes my new cat? This is part of the larger question of how do I stop my old cat from bullying my new kitten, despite my adherence to everything I've read about integrating the new kitten into my cat's kingdom.

Life blessed me this summer with a new stray kitten, who is now six or seven months old. After making sure the kitten was healthy and fixing her, we started the process of introducing her to my 4-year-old manx.
We were very careful with the introduction process, since we've seen our manx attack every cat she's ever been introduced to in the past. Manx and Kitten spent two weeks getting acquainted under a door and then another two weeks only seeing each other when we were around to supervise. Then we started to let them both roam free but promptly stopped when we saw the pattern that was developing.
That pattern is that Kitten lives under the bed and Manx stays within view of her, even if it's across the house, so she can attack Kitten whenever Kitten emerges from under the bed. And it seems to be getting worse: now Manx will even bully Kitten out from under the bed and chase her into the corner of the closet where she'd probably do damage to her if we didn't intervene.
I don't know how or whether I should start punishing Manx in some fashion when she does this or whether that would make her even more hateful towards Kitten. I also don't know whether I can still hope to undo this pattern or how to do so if it is possible.
I should add that I've tried feeding them across the room from each other, but Kitten is so terrified and Manx so hateful that as soon as Manx notices Kitten she attacks her. Similarly, my husband and I tried engaging them in play at the same time in the same room, but none of these techniques seem possible now since Manx attacks Kitten as soon as she sees her.

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