What started the Kiss of Love protest

  • Kerala Kiss of Love Organiser, Wife Arrested in Sex Racket Case

    Kerala News | Written by Sneha Mary Koshy | Thursday November 19, 2015

    Around 10 people are being questioned for their alleged connection with a sex racket in Kerala allegedly involving minors and pornographic websites. The organisers of the kiss of love campaign are among the 10 people, said police sources.

  • Opinion: An IIT Teacher's View on the Madras Controversy

    Opinion | Rukmini Bhaya Nair | Sunday May 31, 2015

    If the political right to protest is sacred, both inside and outside Parliament where so many 'unacceptable' statements have been made of late, then so is the individual right to dissent.

  • Blog: Why I started the Kiss of Love Movement

    Blog | Rahul Pasupalan | Friday January 23, 2015

    When love is punished as obscene, it's time to get to work, writes Rahul Pasupalan.

  • You Kissed, Now Tell: Kerala Teacher Asked to Explain Kiss of Love

    South | Reported by Sneha Mary Koshi, Written by Suparna Singh | Friday January 23, 2015

    Among the 100 people gathered in Kozhikide in a show of chutzpah for the "Kiss of Love" protest, was Deedi Damodaran, a college professor. Couples - and singles - were meant to kiss each other to stand up to moral policing. So when the moment arrived, Ms DAmodaran, 46, and her husband obliged.

  • Kozhikode: Police Take Kiss of Love Protestors Into Custody

    Cities | Sneha Mary Koshy | Sunday December 7, 2014

    Police took 50 Kiss of Love protestors into preventive custody at Kozhikode, lathi-charge mob that had gathered to watch.

  • 'Kiss of Love' Protest Organisers, Opponents in Kozhikode Taken into Preventive Custody

    South | Press Trust of India | Sunday December 7, 2014

    Police took into preventive custody some activists of the 'Kiss of Love' campaign, who had converged at the moffusil bus-stand in Kozhikokode today. The activists had come together to protest against moral policing and workers of 'Hanuman Sena' who were opposing them.

  • 'Kiss in the Street' Protest to be Held in Kozhikode Today

    South | Press Trust of India | Sunday December 7, 2014

    To take on moral policing, another Kiss protest called 'Kiss in the Street' will be organised in Kozhikode at different venues tomorrow.

  • 'Kiss of Love' Deferred After Police Refuse Permission

    Bangalore News | Press Trust of India | Sunday November 30, 2014

    After Bengaluru police rejected permission for the 'Kiss of Love' campaign that was proposed for Sunday, the organisers on Saturday decided to postpone the controversial event for a future date.

  • 'Kiss of Love' Protesters Hold Demonstration Outside RSS Office in Delhi

    Delhi News | Press Trust of India | Sunday November 9, 2014

    The 'Kiss of Love' protests reached Delhi today, where some protesters held a demonstration outside the office of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS.

  • Kochi College Frowns on Hug Protest, 10 Suspended

    South | Press Trust of India | Saturday November 8, 2014

    Ten students, who had launched an "Hug of Love" initiative to protest against moral policing, have been suspended by a college in Kochi.

  • 'Kiss of Love' Given From Kerala to Kolkata

    Kolkata News | Indo-Asian News Service | Wednesday November 5, 2014

    After Kerala, it is the turn of West Bengal to host the "Kiss of Love", when youngsters in the state capital Kolkata will indulge in public display of affection on Wednesday as a mark of protest against moral policing.

  • Kiss of Love Facebook Page Vanished, Say Organisers

    South | Reported by Sneha Mary Koshy, Edited by Anindita Sanyal | Tuesday November 4, 2014

    A day after the "Kiss for Love" protest in Kochi was scuttled, the organisers complained their official Facebook page has vanished and the Facebook Group they were a part of, "Free Thinkers", has been disabled.

  • Opinion: Trampling All Over Kerala's 'Kiss of Love'

    Opinion | Subhashini Ali | Monday November 3, 2014

    The peaceful protest was much-needed, says Subhashini Ali.

  • What's in a Kiss? Police Van For Kerala Protesters

    South | Sneha Mary Koshy | Monday November 3, 2014

    Very few participants at Kochi's "Kiss of Love" found time to express their feelings this afternoon. Almost before it began, the controversial protest against moral policing was scuttled - with the police carting away 50 of the organisers and participants amid cheers by the saffron groups, which were protesting against the protest.

  • Kerala 'Kiss of Love' Ends in Chaos, Participants Taken Into Preventive Custody

    South | Sneha Mary Koshy | Sunday November 2, 2014

    The controversial "Kiss of love" event - a protest against moral policing in the state - got scuttled even before it began in Kochi's Marine Drive this afternoon. Chaos reigned at the site as the police carted away around 50 of the organisers and participants - amid cheers and slogan-shouting by the saffron groups who were protesting against the pr...