What type of compound is it

Sarco Multi-Glaze Type M Glazing Compound. 

Quickest surface skinning product for inside shop use only. 

Sarco Multi-Glaze Type M is the best traditional knife grade linseed oil glazing compound available for glazing and bedding glass in wood sash and doors. Type M is the quickest surface skinning product and forms a strong surface skin in one week depending on temperatures. It remains elastic and flexible throughout its lifetime. Type M is for inside shop glazing only. Give Type M at least 14 days to cure before painting with oil or latex paint.


Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Q Will the product adhere and cure where epoxy repairs are done on the glazing rabbet?
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  2. Q I have have a new storm window that used type m on, now it has been 3 weeks and I have a few spots where the glazing is still soft and bubbly. I did not prime the window rabbit, I did apply BLO and mineral spirits 50/50 mix. all other window are good.
    Answered by the admin You should always prime prior to using the glazing compound.
  3. Q Storage of my container of Type M has failed. When new it started as extremely sticky and was almost impossible to spread; it stuck to my hands and tools like it was thick paint. I had to wait for a week or two before trying again and things went much better. I finished four windows and set aside the pail after putting a sheet of Sarah wrap on the putty before closing the lid. Three months later I needed to glaze another window but the putty was very dry and not usable. I had to throw away the top couple of inches in the pail and dig out some softer putty at the bottom to finish the job. What caused the drying?
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    The oil sinks to the bottom during long periods of storage. To prevent those types of issues you could store the tubs upside down, which would keep the oil at the top in between uses.

  4. Q After the skinning over period and painting, can the window be reinstalled in the winter time? Will it fully cure in cold climate?
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  5. Q What is recommended for number of coats of paint on the glazing? 1 or 2. No primer correct..?
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    Do not prime the putty. There is no recommended amount of coats of paint required and/or suggested.