Whats the best thing Hitler did

Hitler restored the German's faith in themselves and their country following World War I. The Allies really stuck it to Germany in the Treaty of Versailles resulting in widespread poverty and no way to improve their situation. Between the devastation wrought upon their Country, and the reparations demanded by the victors, the Germans had nothing good to look forward to.

Hitler instituted a common thread amongst the people - hate. They were primed to hate the Allies, the Jews, just about anyone who wasn't German.

His initially clandestine rebooting of the German War Machine was a form of our Public Works projects which helped get us out of the great Depression (which the entire world was dealing with - including the Germans).

His "Hitler Youth" (mandatory) started out as a somewhat more militaristic form of the Boy Scouts. It kept the kids busy and helped develop them into terrific soldiers.

The technical innovations of the Third Reich are (were) incomparable - particularly considering their much smaller population and lack of raw materials and mechanization.

He had the Autobahn built - a wonder to this day, and started the development of the Volkswagen.

He really had some terrific ideas - if only his psychotic megalomania hadn't gotten in the way.

In NO WAY do I condone or approve of his or his minion's actions vis a vis the actual War itself.

P.S. He murdered his beloved dog, Blondie, to make sure the cyanide he and Eva would take later would work fast - so I disagree with the dog remark.

Michael Kelly is the bomb when it comes to Hitler!