Which birds are different from insects

Are you curious to find out as to how many different types of birds there are in the world? If you just can’t get enough of our feathered friends, read on to know more…

There could be nothing more pleasant than waking up in the morning to the sounds of the sweet chirping of the birds. Their delicate sounds seem like music to us. Although we can never follow what they try to convey, the one thing that can be clearly inferred is that they are always hungry first thing in the morning! Having a bird table has given us tremendous pleasure of having visitors throughout the morning period. Sometimes, apart from the occasional common species, we are fortunate enough to have the not-so-social varieties feeding from our food platter laid out for the birds. The beautiful sounds they use to communicate can sometimes be an exciting experience as well, with the variations they provide.

Witnessing the different birds that we have come across, we often wondered how many such species may have existed in reality, some which are extinct or on their way to extinction. Therefore, we have compiled a list of different types of birds that include the common and rare birds.

Different Kinds of Birds

There are over 10,000 various species of birds across the world. These feathered creatures are warm-blooded, can fly due to their wings, and lay eggs (as opposed to mammals). From varied size, communication skills, migration patterns, diet, and feeding requirements, shapes, colors, to types of flight, these creatures are nothing short of a marvel.


There are four different species of Avocet found around the world – Pied Avocet, Red-necked Avocet, Andean Avocet, and American Avocet. This bird is found in North and South America, Europe, and even Australia. This long-legged bird has webbed feet and an upturned, thin bill. They live in large colonies and have been known to become quite aggressive and defensive, if feel threatened.

Bald Eagles

The bald eagle is found in marshes and near coastlines. They have very large and broad wings, with a broad tail. The head and tail are white in color, which is the major distinguishable factor of the bald eagle. The long, hooked bill is yellow in color. They prey on fish, ducks, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, geese, gulls, reptiles, etc.


Catbirds are known to imitate the sounds of other birds. They are gray in color, and have a shade of chestnut, just under their tail. Different species of catbirds are found in various parts of the world – Spotted catbird, Green catbird, White-eared catbird, Tooth-billed catbird, Gray catbird, Black catbird, and Abyssinian catbird.


Doves are smaller than pigeons and have a longer tail in appearance. Doves are found throughout the world and these are also a symbol of romance as well as peace. They feed on fruits, plants, and seeds to survive.

There are different species of doves found – Dwarf Fruit Dove, Eared Dove, Eurasian Collared Dove, Laughing Dove, Whistling Dove, Caroline Ground-dove, Grenada Dove, Black-banded Fruit Dove, Moreno’s Ground Dove, Rock Dove, Atoll Fruit Dove, Orange Dove, Socorro Dove, Polynesian Ground Dove, and Ruddy Ground Dove.

Eastern Bluebirds

These are around 6½ inches in length. Such birds are found mainly in gardens, woodlands, and orchards with the arrival of spring. Male Eastern Bluebirds are bright blue on the upper half and have a white belly. Female Eastern Bluebirds have a grayish head with shades of blue as well. New York and Missouri have named this creature as their state bird.


These pink-bodied birds with a unique beak, are generally found in large colonies. The beaks are capable of eliminating mud and silt before they can eat their food. Flamingos can be found in many African countries, areas of Florida, and one particular type of species is found only in the Andean highlands. The various Flamingo species are – Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo, American Flamingo, Andean Flamingo, James’s Flamingo, and Chilean Flamingo.


There are three different types of geese found around the globe – grey geese (Anser), black geese (Branta), and white geese (Chen). Geese are medium to large in size and can be domesticated easily. There are many species of the same; most of which migrate to various places each year. This bird is vegetarian by nature, therefore not a favorite when it comes to farmers trying to protect their crops.


Herons have a slight resemblance to storks, spoonbills, etc. These are also known as egrets and bitterns. These are generally found near wetlands. They feed on fish, insects, and other aquatic animals. There are about 64 different species of herons found in the world.


There are over 90 various species of kingfishers found in the woodland areas as well as wetlands, across the world. They are superb divers when it comes to catching fish in the rivers. Their pointed bills are what help them bag the catch. Kingfishers have superb eyesight whether they are in air or under water.


This bird is considered to be a thief because it is known to steal young birds away from the nests. Such is the reputation of the magpie that it turned out to be the main culprit in the popular Tintin series, The Castafiore Emerald. There are many species of the same. These are self-reliant from their young age when it comes to hunting for their food.


Sleep by the day, awake through the night; they hunt in the night for insects, rats, hares, certain fish, and other birds. There are many varieties of owls and many of these are found all over except for regions of Antarctica and remote islands. Although, they can be divided up into two distinct families – Strigidae and Tytonidae. The unique feature of owls is that it can rotate its head in any direction.


Penguins are found in the Southern hemisphere; most Antarctica. The Emperor Penguin is the largest of these species. These are aquatic birds, which cannot fly. There are few species that are found in the temperate zone, like the Galápagos Penguins, as well. The most fascinating quality of penguins is that they tend to live half of their lives in the chilly waters of the ocean and the other half on icy land.


The Peafowl includes two species of birds. The male is called the peacock and the female, a peahen. In India, the peacock enjoys the position of a national bird and is most admired for its attractive feathers, which are displayed during the courtship period. They mostly feed on flower petals, seeds, insects, reptiles, and certain parts of plants.


Quails belong to the pheasant family. These are medium-sized and feed mainly on seeds and insects. Certain species of quail are hunted in the wild or on farms, raised to be cooked, or even produce eggs.


Roadrunners are generally found in the deserts of Southwestern United States, Central America and Mexico. Such birds feed largely on insects and lead either a solitary life or in pairs. There are two different species of roadrunners – Greater Roadrunner and Lesser Roadrunner. They feed on insects, certain reptiles, rodents, fruits, seeds, and small mammals.


Sparrows are plump and have powerful beaks. These include seeds and insects in their diet. These like to dust bathe. For this, they will dig a little bit of earth with their feet, lie on the dirt, and fling it around. This way, dust falls on their bodies and wings. They also like to do the same in water.


Toucans have a very colorful and large bill, which is the most distinguishing factor of these birds. These are brightly colored, flamboyant birds. These eat fruits but can also include insects in their diet as well. Such birds are nonmigratory and nest in tree holes.


Vultures are easily distinguished because of their bald head and brown bodies. These are scavengers and generally kill only the wounded or sick animals. They tend to wait for another carnivore or scavenger to eat the carcass first, and then make its move when possible.


The woodpecker probably got its name because of the tapping sound it creates when it pecks on the tree trunks. This method is used as means of communication as well as to find insects in the tree trunk.


Dunnock or ‘Hedge Sparrow’ are tiny ground dwelling and chirping birds. You may come across this bird on an evening walk in the park or in the woods. It is found in the temperate zones of Europe and Asia. It is also been successfully introduced in New Zealand.

Common Hoopoe

The Common Hoopoe can be found in Asia, Africa and Europe. It has a distinct crown over its head which can be easily seen. You can come across this bird in the mornings when it sun bathes with its wings open. Another thing that makes this bird easily recognizable is its call, a distinct ‘ hoo poo’. The bird feeds mainly on insects and reptiles.

There are many beautiful and attractive birds, such as parrots, hornbills, cranes, weavers, ostriches, emus, swans, ducks, swallows, etc., one can see in nature apart from these. These are better off in their natural surrounding, so if you think you can have them as a pet, you need to think again! These would prefer to have their own freedom rather being cooped up in a cage. Observe and enjoy their presence, but from a distance!

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

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