Who plays Tarzan in Tarzan

Another Olympic medalist to play Tarzan, Herman Brix won a silver medal for the shot put track and field event in the 1928 games.

In 1929, Brix came to Hollywood where Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. arranged for a screen test at Paramount Studios. Brix was cast in a film called Touchdown but he injured his shoulder during filming. This was a bad break for Brix, because MGM had decided they wanted him to play Tarzan in a new movie. His injury prevented him from taking the role, which went to Johnny Weismuller and made him a star.

Brix got another chance to play Tarzan. In 1935 he starred in The New Adventures of Tarzan, produced by a newly formed Burroughs-Tarzan, Inc. Since Burroughs had a hand in making this film, Brix's Tarzan resembled the one of the books. He was educated, cultured, and well mannered. In 1938 a second film, Tarzan and the Green Goddess, was released.

Brix changed his name to Bruce Bennett when he joined Columbia Studios. He was considered a fairly competent actor and played in Sahara, Mildred Pierce, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and other films.

Brix lived a full life, dying in 2007 at age 100.