Why do Pampers pants leak

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My daughter's diaper starting leaking at night when she was around 2 months of age. We started using a product called Diaper Doubles made by Tyco Healthcare. I would insert the liner into the diaper and make sure the top of the pad was even with the top front side of the diaper. This was important because my daughter is a tummy sleeper and so the urine would always leak out the top of her diaper. I would also tighten her diaper as much as I could where it was still comfortable. The only place I could find Diaper Doubles was at Publix grocery store here in town but another mom stated they can be purchased at savon.com. Anyways, this product worked for my daughter for 5 MONTHS! Recently, we switched to Huggies Overnight diapers because she is now big enough to wear them and they are wonderful as well. Good luck!

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I also have had this problem with my daughter. I use Huggies Overnights on her and it works great. Just make sure you put the night-time diaper on right before they are ready to go to sleep.


Answered 6/14/07

I switched to Huggies brand Overnight diapers. They are Wonderful !!

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Answered 6/20/07

That's so funny, we had the exact same problem. We found that Huggies Overnites will work all night long, especially when I make the 'leaky' side tighter than the other side. The other Huggies do leak for us, so we use Pampers in the daytime, but then switch to the Huggies for over night. In the morning the diaper is soooo full yet almost never leaks and my son's skin doesn't get irritated at all because it manages to hold the moisture in.

I had the same problem and i used diaper doublers also which i buy from toys r us/babies r us. very cheap about 3$ for 30.

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Answered 6/16/07

I have two sons and had this problem with both of them. I found that switching to the next diaper size up solved the problem. You can also use waterproof pads under him to help protect the bedding. It won't help keep HIM dry, but at least you won't have to change the crib sheets every night!

same issue here. i use the next size up (at nighttime only) and fasten the diaper lower. solved the problem.

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Answered 6/11/07

When this has happened to us we know it is time to switch to the next size diaper (at least for the night)

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Answered 6/12/07

I use the huggies goodnite diapers, they come in a purple bag and they're made to be extra absorbant. They work like magic. and it never hurts toi go up a size, my baby is 17 lbs and wear huggies size 4 (22-32 lbs)

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Answered 6/9/07

I have a 5 month old and had the same problem. I use Pampers and went up a size for night and it did the trick.