Why do some people hate ISKCON

Im from a south indian family. Im not an atheist. I believe in god. Recently my whole family got too involved into ISKCON because of my uncle who is a monk in ISKCON. He somehow preached my family and changed them into over spiritual persons. My mom is extreme. iskcon ppl believe only in lord krishna and chanting his holy name can only save us. Since my family is completely into it, they impose loads of restrictions like..

1. Not to watch movies cause its a material desire.

2. Not to eat onion or garlic cause they rose from the white blood and red blood cells of demons killed by krishna.

3. Not to eat outside food casue its non prashadam

4. Not to mingle with non devotees of ISKCON.

5. to attend bagavat geeta classes everyday and chant rounds of mahamantra.

6. They once made me drink the water dat was used to wash a monk feet. They believe it gives them knowledge and purity.

And many more like dis...

I believe in saibaba and I dont insult iskcon. But they try to brainwash me and force me to accept that iskcon is the only truth. I clearly have no interest for iskcon and these restrictions they impose. I have certain desires for my age. But they restrict alot. I have fight with my family daily cause of this. I lost peace and happiness. I feel like running away from my family since im not able to have a normal life. Pls help. I explained them my desire. Stil they force me. What should I do..