Why do Vietnamese hate Upin Ipin

Honestly speaking, the way of Viets represents some of the worst aspect of Confucian East Asian culture. East Asians in general are selfish, love playing smart *** - it’s especially true for the females. On top of it, East Asian love to be cruel to their own kinds, especially their own family members. They also take their own personal feeling way too serious for their own good- which is why they tend to get hurt by words and jokes easily yet still unable to be more considerate toward others. Generally, Confucian East Asians don't understand how to do business, how to run politics, how to lead. They are short-sighted, yet believed themselves to be clever. A lotta non-Asian folks don’t wanna put up with it.

However, unlike Chinese and Japanese, who’re at least able to make themselves look savvy, educated and professional and people have easier time to ignore those negative cultural traits, Viets and to a certain extent, Koreans, still carry those trait on a very personal and childish level. They think everyone are dumb, easily manipulated and easily scared, and any sort of attempt at establishing friendship equals to being weak and they have no problem at all ripping you off or bully you physically or emotionally if you give them the chance, that’s why some people are fed up. It’s like dealing with high school kids for the most parts. And if you’re dealing with those boat people living in US or Australia, things will become even more awkward as they often try to impersonate the traits of American ghetto gang bangers while still carrying those aforementioned traits.