Why does life have to be horrible

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[success]We are all faced with a series of great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. ~ John W. Gardner[/success]

If you’re experiencing a huge challenge and there doesn’t seem any way through or round or over, don’t feel too badly about it. Feeling bad just makes matters worse than they need be.

None of us ever accomplished anything truly fantastic without bumping into obstacles and resistance along the way.

Not one of us wants to experience adversity or misfortune and maybe, right now, life isn’t working out the way you wanted. And that might not be as awful as you think.

Misfortune can be an incredible opportunity to notice where we’re stuck in a state of mind that won’t ever lead to fulfilled desires. And adversity could be a wakeup call telling us we’re out of harmony with the life we want.

We’re being give an opportunity to re-evaluate what really matters to us, which forces us to shift our perspective…and it’s this new point of view that shows us how we can better handle our current ‘lifes-not-so-good’ experiences.

Given that up to this point I doubt that any of us have become absolute masters of our universe, adversity and misfortune probably will end up in the mix of our daily life, we simply need to learn how to gain the maximum benefit from it.

1. Wrong perspective

Negative experience:

Looking at that giant brick wall looming right in front of you, whilst mentally bashing it with your little fists and stomping those feet, frankly gets you exactly nowhere.  Being vexed, and continuously venting about the things you don’t want, brings you what precisely?  Absolutely right, more of the things you don’t want. Funny how that works, and funny how knowing that, we’re still inclined to do it. Hmmm.

Positive force:  

Be willing to see it differently.

Viewing your challenges less as an obstacle to be overcome and more of an opportunity to hone your ability to keep your focus on the things you desire, makes it much easier to break through into that hugely spectacular experience on the other side. It is there you know.

When our life seems to be going to hell in a hand basket that’s the time to stop, breathe, step back and look at it from a new point of view.

2. You need a hero

Negative experience.

I doubt that there isn’t one among us who hasn’t heard that loud and booming inner voice expressing every little thing that’s not right. Your inner critic is the part of you that judges, belittles and downright demeans you. Having your confidence undermined isn’t all that helpful.

No wonder life isn’t working out out so well when we’re constantly reminded of how badly we should feel about ourselves, especially since the way we think about ourself really does determine what happens in our world.

Positive force:

Be your own hero.

Find your inner champion… if you can’t find one, begin to create him or her right now. Remind yourself how magnificent and extraordinary you are. It’s time to be very loving with yourself. Very gentle. And each and every day think good thoughts about you.

Take a time out right now and make a list of seven great ways you’re going to choose to see yourself.  They don’t have to be real, you don’t even have to believe them.  But you’re going to pick one a day and repeat it to yourself as often as possible.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t have a clue about what’s real or true and what isn’t. And repetition is a wonder working tool.

I love one of the comments I recently received from Nneka who said that she told herself how awesome she is, often, throughout her day and she accompanies that with a fist bump. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Way to go Nneka.

Imagine having the spirit of encouragement, that you so willingly share with others, be directed towards you. Be less harsh and more generous with yourself and create a personal relationship of inspiration within. It’ll change your life.

3. Misuse of power

Negative experience:

Sadly our attitudes are often filled with negativity and these feelings march us right into our negative future. We are chained to our attitudes, which means unless we use our personal power to make changes, we haven’t a hope in blue blazes of life working out for us the way we’d like.

Yet here we are, with unlimited power at our fingertips, and we’re not experiencing the life we want. Whatssupwiththat? We’re using our personal power against us.  Yes, it works in both directions.

Positive force:

Using our power of attention we can shift our attitudes. The attitude we take to life is an actual physical vibration of energy as real as the chair you’re sitting on and one of the main creative forces in shaping your life experience.

When I was learning to fly a plane one of the first things I had to be taught was the attitude of the plane as it related to the ground.  Pretty important if the instructor didn’t want to end up a squished mess because I mistook up for down.

By directing our attention in the right direction towards the attitudes of success, or joy, or wisdom we begin to draw those qualities to us.

Being aware of the attitude you bring to your life experience today, allows you the opportunity for change and, makes a successful landing more likely.

4. Inner Direction

We become whatever is programmed within.

If life isn’t working, it isn’t our outer life that needs to be changed, it’s our inner life.  By purposefully directing our focus towards what we want to become, or to have, and by releasing the thoughts that no longer serve, we begin our journey to our new self.

If you doubt yourself, change it.  If you lack confidence or courage, change it.

By dwelling on thoughts of confidence and success you’ll be led to take new and different actions.

In fact if you’re still doing the same stuff, it’s a sure sign you haven’t yet convinced your subconscious to reveal the new you. It’s okay, just stay the course, it must and will happen.

The laws of life operate consistently.  They don’t wake up one morning and say I don’t like this person, they really annoyed me today, or I’m feeling lousy so I’m going to stay in bed and let the world get by without me.

That’s the beauty of the system. It’s consistent and answers our every call.

If you’re ready to become your new self and have a life that works fantastically well, begin to see yourself as powerful, because in truth you are.  How we see ourself is what we become. Always.

By repeatedly seeing yourself as a magnificent, powerful being…you will become one. Write it down, mentally say kind things about yourself, speak wonderful words over your life.

By seeing your life exactly as you want it to be, you experience it.

You’re revising the programming that went before.  You’re standing on the edge of a brand new life, a brand new you.

Are you ready?

It’s always handy and helpful to hear how others deal with life so in the comments below why not share ONE thing you’re willing to do or see differently to get your life working in the great way it can.

Your thoughts could make all the difference in someone’s life.

Thanks for your loving support in reading and sharing.  You most definitely are awesome.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

Elle Sommer is the author and founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website focused on sharing the insights and ancient wisdom that have collectively changed her life, in the desire to make a meaningful impact on yours. Trained at Coach U and having completed a year long training with Bob Proctor, her mission is to encourage and inspire others to build the business, relationships and life they want. You can also find her on Healthy Natural Oils her new website for helping you get started with essential oils for more natural health, well-being happiness and success in your life!