Why dont we pay politicians minimum wage

I'm saying that true motivation for change comes from something past profit, and can't be measured by paying these people minimum wage. It's like saying "hey, do all this shit for us and we'll pay you a really bad wage... shit's all good, bro".

As for pedophiles, i already made the point. I was overboard, since you don't have to be a victim... just someone with a lot of motivation.

But now I'm confused by what you're trying to point out. You're implying that I'm a person who would be motivated to help someone... with asking if I would help them or not and all... are you suggesting that I'm a better person than politicians? Interesting, since you have neither met me nor most politicians (i'm guessing that you didn't, correct me if I'm wrong). As well, what is wrong with offering them some sort of profit? Don't get me wrong, I think that all government workers should receive major cuts in pay and benefits, but our leaders making minimum wage? what kind of shit country does that?

And you got me, senor einstein. I have never conducted research to see if politicians are truly smarter than janitors and wal-mart cashiers. Then again, intelligence is subjective. It would be almost impossible to measure who is smarter. All we have is the IQ test, which kind of sucks. Very specific in what kind of intelligence it measures.

But since you like studies so much and not a debate on subjective shit, here's a study showing how people are more likely to donate their organs if they are offered money. This just shows how, yes, people do good things all the time without lots of pay or gifts... but even MORE people do good things if offered pay or gifts.