Why is AARP bad

You may benefit from a few of the discounts but to be honest I find it to be marginally beneficial.   Also, most of AARP advocacy for seniors is for seniors that rely heavily on government benefits.  Remember, if you are retired and are paying your own way with 401Ks and other savings vehicle AARP is really working against you lobbying for higher taxes on your income from your savings and investments.  AARP is really lobbying to take more of your retirement savings and benefits than they are lobbying to help you avoid higher taxes.  I plan to end my membership at the end of my membership.  I do not need anyone trying to raise taxes on what I have invested and saved when I was working.  If you are a liberal and you have not invested to fund your retirement then AARP is probably a good organization for you.   But if you have been diligent and responsible and have funded your retirement adequately AARP is working against your best interests.  Spend your money on an AAA membership and you will get at least as good if not better discounts and AAA does not lobby to have the government take more of the money you worked hard for.  AARP is another liberal organization that thinks they should encourage the government to redistribute your wealth to those that did not work as hard or invested their earning like you did.