Why is dubstep boring

Re: Why do people hate Dubstep?

Postby Breaks Dude » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:31 pm

A lot of what you guys said I agree with.

Here's my take on it and I have been involved professionally with EDM for 13 years.

Dubstep on its own as a style is fine but many of us, myself included, are tired of hearing about it every five freaking seconds. And I am tired of people, especially younger folks, thinking it's the only kind of EDM in the world. And I am tired of nearly every single YouTube instrument review and tutorial talking about how it can also "make dubstep wobbles". It's really overexposed. And a lot of people don't like being associated with what is quickly turning into music for 13 year old teenage girls.

There is quite a bit of other EDM out there but you wouldn't know it anymore. I was also around when trance was big - it was never like this.

And dubstep will die the same awful, painful death disco did because that's how big, hipsterish and trendy it has become. The haters will grow more numerous over the next year or so - that's my prediction. This stuff is the screamo-emo of the '10s. Some of my DJ friends like to argue with me and get offended by even well-meaning criticism of dubstep...I'm keeping a list so I can remind them of their blind devotion when this stuff craters.

On the positive side, it has been interesting to see peeps push the boundaries of synthesis a little. Other than that, meh.