Why is everyone so sad

Most of the reasons millennials are "killing industries" is down to money. We can't afford a house - that, to many young people now, is something only the rich can afford - we work long hours for a very small amount of pay, and therefore don't have spare cash to have a gym subscription, go out to fancy restaurants, and stimulate the economy by going shopping every weekend.

And yet, people like journalists above think it's appropriate to blame us for everything. If you grow up in a world where you have to go to university and land yourself in thousands of dollars' worth of debt, grab the first job you can and hold onto it even if it crushes your soul and has nothing to do with your degree, and find somewhere to live that you can actually afford even if it sucks, and then being blamed for large businesses crumbling, then who can blame you for becoming depressed?

Everything from social media to politics to climate change is blamed on us. Being told we suck while at the same time being told the future is hopeless, is it any wonder young people are struggling?